Last day before hols!

We are leaving for our holidays tomorrow … and I didn’t want to leave without having one last meal with my beau, Mr. Barnaby Poo!  We won’t be seeing each other for a good few weeks!  We took the occasion to check out the latest dog-friendly restaurant in Chelsea – Farm Girl.

Mummy gets a little sentimental every time we go our separate ways … which means, we may get to sleep on Mummy’s bed tonight! Yay!Till tomorrow…

May’s comment: We need our group hug and our last bedtime together before they go off to the House of Mutt for their hols and I’m going with the kiddies and their parents to a week of skiing. So I hope for a good night’s rest … praying for no disturbances tonight. PLEASE!!!


  1. Lucy Cronin

    How is George doing with his tummy problem? ?❤️?

  2. Sandy

    Hope you had a good night. Enjoy your holidays.

  3. Cheryl

    Safe travels!

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