And what about that George?

He definitely needs a haircut is what Mum thought when Jane sent photos of Georgie.

He’s been going for walks with his pals Blaze and Hebe – but he still stays on lead.

Note: no limping!!!!

He surveyed the world from on high.

Do you think he’s searching the horizon hoping to see us coming back?

They went to the beach, rather they went to two beaches …

Still the same barky George!
A fluff ball rolling in the sand

With all that exercise, he is completely knackered …

George, is that a forlorn look? Missing me and Mum?

He gets massages …

And then yesterday he started to do something he has never done before …

O-M-G! I wonder if by end of week he would be swimming! George had always avoided going near water!!!!

He is definitely feeling comfortable and confident in the environment … or maybe he is a country dog after all.

May’s comment: Wonder what he would do when we go to pick him up on Sunday. Wonder if he’ll ignore me? Disown us? Prefer to stay in the country? (But, of course!) His limp is gone – apparently. Maybe the country life suits him. But if he starts limping again when he sees me on Sunday – I will cancel his MRI appointment next week – because then I know he was just getting the sympathy vote from me!!!!!


  1. Lisa King

    Well, he certainly has a rugged handsomeness to him with that “unshaven” look. The country life seems to suit him but I’m sure he’s wondering where you are.

  2. Laura Cordovano

    You know he is missing you to the moon and back!!!

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