Homeward bound

One last walk into Longyearbyen.

Hurry, hurry, we have only hours left.

Walking through the pedestrian zone of downtown

Mum wanted to have one last look …

Mum saw a coat that could entice her to go for long walks with us … we hope. When she found out that there is no tax on clothing – that sealed the deal! And … the coat matches mine. More on that later.

It was time to leave our lovely AirBnB –

we walked out into the open to take in one last view of the spectacular landscape.

I wanted to rub my face in the cold, cold snow one more time …

Hmmm – this was icy, not powder snow!

Mum said that high precipice on the right reminded her of The Wall in the Game of Thrones.

As we drove to the airport, we just took in all the last views of the spectacular landscapes.

No delays in flight this time.

Look! Our bag – the last one making it’s way up the ramp – phew!

And we’re off!

And we had the best air steward. She definitely loves dogs …

She gave us an extra sandwich roll!

And I took it whole heartedly!!!

All mine!!!!

Heh! Heh! Heh!

Mum: Well, thank goodness for that! As I was clearing out from the AirBnB, I had left two portions of minced meat to take with us to Oslo but the cleaners efficiently chucked them out. By then I was fed-up with the cold-pressed food that I had brought with us – and had chucked them out. Well, I guess that sandwich will have to do.

When up in the air, we saw a beautiful sunset over the clouds …

And then it was gone – another day crossed off the calendar.

And as we approached Oslo – post card pretty.

One more flight tomorrow back to Paris. But for tonight, I was so excited to run through the hallways of the Radisson Blue at the airport.

Not a bad idea Mum – no more taxi rides or train rides into the city – we can have a relaxed evening and no need to worry about getting up early, worry about traffic and delays in getting to the airport. And who knew Radisson Blue is so dog-friendly – except for in Svalbard.

Is this the last hotel room?

One more flight tomorrow and then we’re back in the UK.

May’s comment: Been a fab trip but always nice to go home – and to Georgie. Can’t wait to give my little guy a big hug.

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