Our Summer of 2017

The day draws nigh when Little Tyke and Mini Tyke will be leaving to go back to school in Thailand. 

It really did feel like only recently when we were happily greeting them on their arrival for the summer.  And on the next day, Little Tyke came to our Hyde Park meet like he always did Everything fell into place quickly, like all our previous summers.  Before George, it was just us two.Ever since George, it was always assumed Little Tyke gets George. This year he said he could walk us both. Well, not really.

As always, we had lots of adventures.We made sure Little Tyke kept up with all things English!Nothing like Afternoon Tea at Hurlingham Club.

We showed him people playing croquet – not sure why they were hitting a ball with an oversized hammer!This summer, we crossed the ChannelAnd discovered Amsterdam and Bruges together on horse carriage rides, And by boat.We went to the London parks and fed webbed-feet creatures that lived on the ponds, I stayed away because I knew what would happen. Ambush!!!

I climbed trees with the boysWe walked through the woods.We took them to all sorts of restaurants. These little creatures sure can consume a whole lot!But after all those adventures, we also spent quiet times. We sat together when he was engrossed in his iPadBut he had also taken to reading this year – from Roald DahlFiguring puzzles himselfAnd even the papers.And then there was Mini Tyke! She’s quite the character!She loves her food!She’s an aspiring ballerinaShe hams it up as well She’s basically a bundle of energy And gives the best hugs. It wasn’t always like this. At the beginning we didn’t understand her energy.She would pat us roughly and she wanted to ruffle our fur.  And when she got mad, she took it out on us. But after sometime, we learnt that she really didn’t mean to harm us. And we all adjusted to each other.

Like all things, there’s always the good and the bad.  There were days when the Tykes were not happy bunnies – and we comforted them.At least Georgie did. Maybe he is a lot more sensitive than I am. On the first night when we had them both to ourselves when their parents went away, Mini Tyke was very sad and she cried and cried inconsolably. And George was the only reason she felt safer and from that day on, he took it upon himself to take care of Mini Tyke.  He never left her side even when she had tantrums and was hitting him. Poor George.

He was a busy boy, he went from one bed to the other.Because he knew Little Tyke wanted him too. But I was always there quietly with my BFF even though he doesn’t really ask for me that much any more.And sometimes we didn’t go anywhere but just sat and did silly things like making funny faces on the phone. Yup! That’s me as Cat Lady!And they give the best tummy rubs!!!

We will remember them fondly when they leave.  And we cross our paws that we will see them again soon.

May’s comment: It’s been truly lovely to have seen them grow – even just short of the two months they were here.I know my world will be a lot quieter from tomorrow.

Grateful for summer of 2017See you all soon!


  1. Cheryl and Susie

    Lovely happy family memories x

  2. Very nice post..A happy summer.Thank you for helping to look after the two little monsters and giving them a wonderful English experience.They loooove auntie may!
    Sammy and Nim.x

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