Trying out for size?

Little Tyke has a habit of sitting in my bed …

From the first time we met, when we were both on all fours – he climbed into my bed. and believe it or not, I had a bigger bed back then – and we both sat in it very comfortably.

The next year, he did the same – this time we were at The Pig Hotel and he came to stay in our room.Thankfully, it was a large bed – meant for bigger dogs. That year he was already walking and he climbed into it.

The following year, he’s a lot bigger, and for some reason, he thought it was ok to watch his iPad in my bed at the Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath.  He left no space for me.And yesterday, there he was again in one of our beds. The strange thing is that my bed seems to be shrinking with each year while Little Tyke is growing taller by the day.  He thought it made a good armchairGood for meditation.Mummy, there’s definitely not enough room for the two of us.And Mini Tyke thinks it’s equally funny!And now they’re both in it!
Mini Tyke didn’t stop there. She decided to try out all our other beds. And then proceeded to empty our toy basket!Much to George’s dismay. After she had scattered our toys all over, Mummy told her to put them all back – and I made sure she was doing just that!

What are we going to do with those two Tykes? I hear they will be going home soon – how many more days?

But please note, Mummy: If Little Tyke is going to continue to sit in our beds, don’t you think they should be bigger rather than smaller?

May’s comment: The days are drawing closer to their leaving – so having as much time with them as possible.  They came over today and the dogs were happy to see them but wasn’t quite sure what was happening to their world after a while.

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