New Beginnings

Yesterday we celebrated this little dog’s new beginnings.
We had a little parteee!!!!Er, excuse Habiti’s behind!

We celebrated that he will no longer be exiled to the upper floors for being an “inconvenience”.

We celebrated that even when his hoomans are out, he will never be alone.  That’s because he has a wonderful “brother” Theo, to keep him company.

And when he cries, Theo will run over to give him kisses. 

He and Theo are almost inseparable!Besides his pooch companion he will have two, three, four, sometimes five hoomans who will dote on him – mum, dad, uncle, grandma and grandpa!

We celebrated that he will no longer wonder when his next meal will be, or scavenger left overs in pizza boxes. But it may take him a long while to learn that. You know us pooches. Once we get something into our heads, it takes us a very long time to be rid of it. We have a share a little “incident” with you. During this past week when he was settling into his new life, he was out walking in the park when he saw someone throw bread into the pond for the ducks. Yes, you guessed it! He jumped into the pond – much to the dismay, amusement and horror of his new hooman!!!!  Well, they learnt that he can swim but he couldn’t get out of the water. Oops! And it wasn’t one of those scorching hot days. Thankfully, his new hooman could get down on her front and pulled him out of the water.  LOL!!!!! Don’t blow it, pooch! You may end up in limbo again! 🙂

We celebrated that he has toys galore, in addition to the two plus a tennis ball he came to us with. His new brother generously shares his toys.  And it seems like they both have to get in on the act – Tug-o-war – pooches vs. hooman!

Mummy was always amused at how he loved to take every piece of toy out of the basket and scattered them all over the place.

Amazingly Mummy didn’t mind.

Today we C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E his new beginning!!!!Hoomans had prosecco. And pooches had dog beer and pawsecco.And there was food galore but we pooches had NONE!Except for George who managed to steal a whole piece of chicken! And he was quite the “terrorist” – he didn’t like that Theo’s balls were still in tact! LOL!

May’s comment: We visited his new home so we could bring his bed and remaining worldly possessions – and for a hug. We came to celebrate his new life.

So happy to see him.He is already settled in, no signs of stress or anxiety.

No more tears. Just really happy with the outcome. And it’s not a goodbye – just, see you later because he had left really big paw prints on my heart and it will never ever be the same again.

Love you, HWWBR (he-who-will-be-renamed)

For the purpose of anonymity, we will not be blogging about this little guy for a while. We will now leave him to enjoy his new life, and in due time, he will pop up again in our blog!

To all who have inquired about him and offered him a home, thank you. I know he would have made each and everyone of you feel very special. He deserves so much and now he will finally have it.



  1. Rusty

    Wonderful so happy for him, hope we will see Churchill xx

  2. Cecilia

    So happy for Churchill, and his brother, Theo is so loving and sweet to him! It could not have been a better match for these two!

  3. Elizabeth Burman

    This brought a tear to my eye and joy to my heart. I think you may have finally landed on your four gorgeous feet Churchill (or whatever your new hoomans decided to call you). Love to see you playing with your new bro. Happy days.????

  4. Jane Hamon

    There couldn’t have been a better outcome! Rents, bro Theo and the boy himself look very happy. Perfect. ❤️

  5. gill

    Well done to all involved in getting churchill to a better place he seems so happy x

  6. Sandra Taylor

    Happy, Happy, Happy

  7. Julie

    So lovely to see Churchill go to his forever home x

  8. Margaret Danks

    Darling darling Churchill. I’m so happy to see this new life you have xx

  9. Ian Harrison

    So glad “Churchill” has such a wonderful new home with a handsome new brother! You did so well by him!

  10. Penny Pumpkin

    Perfectl outcome, such a happy smiley face, tugs at my heart and I can’t help crying.

  11. Rita Betteridge and Gracie

    Hooray for ” Churchill” good luck in your new forever home with a snuggly bro too.Hope you have many exciting adventures together .love a d licks from Gracie ?

  12. Alex

    this is just the best news. So so happy

  13. Cheryl

    I’m so glad Churchill has found a wonderful, loving, forever home. Thank you for being an incredible foster mom!

  14. Jill Keiser

    All smiles!

  15. Jeanne in St. Louis MO


  16. so thrilled to read this little chap has moved into his furever home. So very pleased for him & thank you for all you have done. Reading these little stories, are a real highlight & knowing that this little chap is now going to live a wonderful life is so heartwarming x

  17. so thrilled to read this little chap has moved into his furever home. So very pleased for him & thank you for all you have done. Reading these little stories, are a real highlight & knowing that this little chap is now going to live a wonderful life is so heartwarming x

  18. Rosemary

    Love, love, love!!!

  19. Sam Rowntree and Lola x

    You’ve done a very lovely thing May. I think many of us fell in love with the little chap and were moved by his sad life until you stepped in and turned his world around. I’m so glad he has a happy home and a ‘brother’ who so clearly loves his company. I’m sure he will go from strength to strength. ❤️?

  20. Elaine Craigen

    What a lovely ending/new beginning!xx??

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