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At The Barking Hour

We visited the BBC “piazza” yesterday to join in the BBC London Radio event on the piazza. Read more…

New Beginnings

Yesterday we celebrated this little dog’s new beginnings. Read more…

Friends for a Lifetime

Churchill entered our lives unexpectedly … Read more…

TGIF! Paw-secco anyone?

See what happens when you let him out of sight! Read more…

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“Chicken Lady”, “Little Tyke” and Churchill …

It was a jolly good meet! Read more…

Perfect “Imperfections”

Hi! I just want to say thank you to all you hoomans who came to my support after Mummy, oops, I meant, May posted about my “inadequacies”. Read more…

All that is wrong with him

Mummy has been introducing Churchill to people and they keep telling us everything that is wrong with him. 🙁 Read more…

So what’s three when you have two?

When Mummy takes the three of us out for our morning relief, she has to keep mental track of who has and who has yet to pee or poo. LOL! Read more…

That picture isn’t straight!

We’ve been teaching Churchill all the things he needs to be aware so he’s ready for what comes his way. Read more…

To sleep, perchance to dream

Ahhh! What’s the best thing about Churchill coming to stay? His bed! Read more…

Churchill has something to say

If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – Sir Winston Churchill Read more…

I don’t fancy being the middle dog

OK, Mummy, now that we finally have some time together, can I tell you what I think. Read more…

Not a lot to ask for …

One evening, Churchill whom we know from our many walks together came to stay. We didn’t know why. We didn’t ask. Read more…

Good morning! So what will be today’s adventure?

We woke up this morning and the sun was hiding behind the clouds. Mummy took us out for our morning walk and then to Juice Baby. We sat under the table for hours as Mummy was trying to meet a deadline. Read more…

Poodle Parlour + Film Crew = Cupcakes!!!

Now this is what I call a dog grooming party! We love getting our dogs groomed because I can tell the dogs feel better after. Every place I take them to I make sure they have the best equipment and service because the dogs only deserve the best. I check they have the best dog nail grinder, best shampoo, etc. I made a good choice on this one, they had cupcakes and all! Read more…

Churchill is part of the “doodle” gang

It’s been two weeks since we met a barking, yelping, crying Churchill tied up outside Daunt Books on Fulham Road. Since then some things have changed … Read more…

Three for company?

Saturday was a planned day full of places to go to and things to check off the list. We had left Maddie and George at home while Mummy and I walked to buy tickets for the new film T2.   Read more…