• IMG_4885And it was raining
  • IMG_4931A hug for Maisie
  • IMG_4871
  • IMG_4873Darcy, Cookie, George, Maisie
  • IMG_4876
  • IMG_4877
  • IMG_4878
  • IMG_4879
  • IMG_4880
  • IMG_4882
  • IMG_4883
  • IMG_4884
  • IMG_4888It started to rain ...
  • IMG_4889
  • IMG_4891
  • IMG_4892
  • IMG_4897
  • IMG_4902The "treat lady"
  • IMG_4903
  • IMG_4904
  • IMG_4916
  • IMG_4919Proud mummy showing off Rusty on her phone cover
  • IMG_4921Another proud mummy moment showing another cockapoo mummy her video
  • IMG_4924Clemmie and Cookie taking shelter
  • IMG_4928A George look-a-like - but she is part labradoodle!!!!!
  • IMG_4932
  • IMG_4925Bye Miuccia! See you next month

Another British summer day

Last week was one of the hottest weeks of the British Summer and yet on the day we met up, it turned into a more typical British summer day! 

It drizzled on and off – not good for us, not good for the Notting Hill Carnival, not good for the Bank Holiday weekend! Regardless, eleven of us came out for our last Summer meet.

And this was Clemmie’s first visit!  She came all the way from Marlow with her mummy.IMG_4938More about Clemmie later …

One of the things we always do at the Hyde Park Doodle meets is our group photo. Getting everyone together can be quite a task at hand but the hoomans eventually manage to gather us for a few seconds of sitting still.

Voila! Here’s our group photo from yesterday …

IMG_4910L to R: Clemmie, Cookie, Rusty, Clementine, Miuccia, Lucca, George, Darcy, Alfie, Ted, Maisie

OK! Enough of posing!IMG_4913Oh, and the other thing.  Our hoomans are such proud owners – IMG_4919Rusty’s on his mummy’s phone coverIMG_4921And Clemmie’s mummy showing off one of her early tricks! LOL!

May’s comment: Well, that was the last of our summer meets.  After a week of blazing sun, we had a British summer day. If-fy weather – it rained on and off and it was also the Notting Hill Carnival and a Bank Holiday. Despite all that, we had 11 doodles come to play.

The next time we have a meet, will be the 25th September – same time, same place and by then maybe all the doodles will be back in town when the kiddies are back in school for the new term.


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Isn’t that typical. I take Elsie to training every Wednesday morning, for about the last two months we’ve had beautiful weather from Thursday to Tuesday, then you guessed it, nearly every Wednesday it’s been pouring with rain.

  2. Alison Mullett

    One day we must make the trip with Ruby! We’d love to join a doodle play day!

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