Another day, another country

See how close Tallinn is from Helsinki,” said Catarina.

That was all it took to propel Mummy into thinking – let’s go!!!

Sure enough the day after that discussion, we took the Tallink ferry at 10.30 from the West PortWe’re leaving Helsinki for a few hours!When we boarded, there seemed to be some misunderstanding as we were shown the kennels.Oh noooo! Especially when we had the option to sit on the “sundeck” – or the option of a cabin with dogs.

But there was no sun – only cold wind!Mummy was feeling the cold

Two hours are a long time to be out there.We snuck down to the floor below and took some shelter. It was only towards the last 20 minutes that she approached one of the passengers to keep a hold of me while she wet to find the loo and hoped to get a warm drink.

We arrived in Tallinn at about 12.20 – and now the taxi challenge. But we never found out if they took dogs because Mummy thought it would be more fun to take a tricycle to the Old Town.Yup! He was the bicyclist who drove us.We got off, with the promise he would come and pick us up at the end of our exploring the Old Town.

We meandered through the streets. As we walked along the side streets, we saw some interesting old doors Variations of buildingsMore churchesMore interesting doors. Think I’m quite tired.
This is St. Nicholas Church which is now the Niguliste Museum.Ahh, this is the Town Hall TowerAnd we saw this young lady hard at work
She was making sweet almonds – apparently a local favourite.
Mummy thought this was a rather different place to eat – and went in to ask if dogs are allowed – And indeed they let me in. This place was once an old merchant’s home – The Olde Hansa.  They serve authentic medieval dishes! Wonder what’s in store for Mummy!Love this rather unusual dog bowlMummy’s soup was served in a similar bowlAnd a Hill of Fish on a piece of salmonWalking further we came to the Town Hall Square – that has been the hub of Old Town for the last eight centuries.The Town Hall was built in 1402-1404 – and this guy, well, he was just dressed up.

Walking further along, was this rather interesting restaurant called FARM and it had the wildest window display A feast of beasts!

Oooh, we found this interesting alleyway –And right at the edge of the tunnel we found a little shop – of handmade craftsA little souvenir from Tallinn –Does that really look like me?

On our return journey, we opted for the pet in cabin option. Enough of sitting on the “Sundeck” with no sun and lots of smokers who didn’t know how to keep to their area.

So are we back in Helsinki yet?Yay! Time to disembark …Back to the hotel!

Need to release all the stress of travelling for the day.

May’s comment: Brilliant idea! Thanks Cat! I’m always an opportunist when it comes to travelling – new place to visit, yeah! Let’s go!

I originally wanted to go to St. Petersburg with Darcy on the 72-hour visa-free visit, but I didn’t get any further than knowing that pets can go on the ferry that leaves Helsinki. We were required to book into a tour and designated hotels – couldn’t find any of the listed hotels that takes dogs – and I wasn’t sure if the tours allow dogs on them. Disappointed not to take advantage of being in Helsinki – so then really pleased at least we went somewhere else.

They just needed my Passport when boarding but didn’t bothered with Darcy’s passport – both ways. We had the option for pet in cabin or pet in kennel – Or we can stay on the sundeck. Thinking, its only a 2 hour crossing – well, the sun never came out and it was cold. I wasn’t dressed appropriately and we were not allowed in any of the common areas. I didn’t want to leave her in the kennel. So I held her close to keep me warm. Wisened up for the return, I booked a pet in cabin room. What a relief to be able to sit somewhere and we both snoozed half the journey which made it go faster. We got back to Helsinki by 18.30.

We went into all the shops but not sure about food stores as we didn’t need to.  Not sure about all the restaurants as we didn’t have time for that – but the only one I asked was most welcoming. The award winning Farm was not dog friendly and my guess is that Gloria isn’t as well.

So it’s our last night before we start our multi-phase journey home. So after Finland and Estonia, Darcy has been to 19 countries – and counting! LOL!  She’s a brilliant traveller – so proud of how she just goes with the flow – and only let’s lose at the end when we’re home to say – Gosh! I need to get all this out of my system!


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  1. Kathy

    Darcy seemed very happy to be back at the hotel. You could almost feel her happiness. When you were on deck you could just see her little nose taking in all the smells. So cute!

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