When Instagram “friends” become REAL

When we knew we were coming to Helsinki, we quickly got in touch with Myrsky – he’s an Instagram friend that we got to know over the last few months. I’m so glad that I started using Instagram. My following seems to grow each day thanks to Upleap!

When Myrsky arrived, he was at once shy but curious about me.Took a while before he felt comfortable enough to sit a wee bit closer to me.He’s rather attractive, I must admit. Talk dark and handsome he is. Maybe his shyness makes him quite appealing. 😉OK, Myrsky, we’re not getting that intimate yet.

We had a day tripped planned – to go to Suomenlinna – a fortress island off the coast of Helsinki.
We took a ferry across – dogs go for free!me and Mummy and Johanna with Myrsky – and Catarina, our Swedish friend who met us at Helsinki.It was a rather foggy morning when we left

Which made it rather magical.Myrsky lives in the countryside where he runs around with an Icelandic Horse and a Shetland pony in lots of fields, so he was a little unnerved by the city and travelling on a ferry. Poor Myrsky had to lay down and be quiet –while Johannes was telling Mummy about the famous Marimekko print on the bandana she gave me! It’s called a Unikko (poppy) print.

As we got off the ferry, we saw the old buildings, all part of the fortress.The Swedes began building the fortress in 1748 when Finland was a part of Sweden.It was when Peter the Great of Russia founded St. Petersburg, Sweden needed a strong fortress in the Baltic Sea. We walked to the highest point of the island and looked out towards Estonia.

Up there, lined up one after another were lots of canons to fight off the Russians!!!However, they didn’t quite work as the Russians besieged the fortress in 1808!Myrsky, don’t be concerned. I am telling you these canons don’t work. And did you know it wasn’t always called Suomenlinna. It changed its name from Viapori in 1918.

We walked on and came to the King’s Gate – built as the entrance gateway to the fortress.It’s called the King’s Gate because King Adolf Frederick of Sweden’s ship was anchored at the site while he was inspecting the construction of the fortress.
OK, that’s a lot of history to digest. Shall we have lunch?

Mummy had researched the dog-friendly places to eat on the island and Bistro Bastion was one of them.Unfortunately they had run out of dog beer!It was time to leave Suomenlinna – we made our way back to the pink building that we first saw when we arrived.Good bye Suomenlinna – it was really lovely to have visited with Myrsky, Johanna and Catarina.

Back onto the ferry to Helsinki!

One last photo!May’s comment: Meeting Johanna and Myrsky was one of the highlights of our visit to Helsinki. We met them through Instagram and got to know each other as Instagram friends. Who knew that we would meet one day!  Social media has a lot of pitfalls but when something like this happens – when Instagram “friends” become REAL – it’s an amazing social networking tool!

Myrsky is a standard poodle crossed with a Border Collie/Icelandic Sheep Dog/Hovawart. Sweetest big boy ever!Miss Darcy’s Instragrm is https://www.instagram.com/missdarcysadventures/

Johanna’s and Myrsky’s Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/jtalaste/

And look at how many steps I did!


  1. Jill Keiser

    I was just about to ask about what kind of dog Myrsky was when you told all about him! Thanks!

  2. Maree White

    I loved Helsinki. We did the day trip to Suomolina too. Enjoy Darcy and May

  3. James

    Wow! Myrsky is such a handsome boy, what a shame he can’t join our doodle meets, I’m sure he’d enjoy them!

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