Another day, another gal pal!

Today I had my second date with Yuuna, my little Maltese friend.

We had our first date a couple of weeks ago when we had tea at Dominique Ansel. We were both a little shy …Mum thought we should get to know each other as Yuuna and I have something in common – she’s 100% Maltese and I’m part Maltese! She’s my size kinda dog! 🙂

On our second date, we took a cab to Fortnum & Mason …As you know how I am in cars. But I had to put on a brave face and not pant with anxiety as I wanted to impress Yuuna –How could you not? She’s a vision of such beauty and gentleness.  Her name, Yuuna means “gentleness” in Japanese, though she is born in London and her parents are French.

We arrived at Fortnum & Mason – and Mum and Rosaline walked right in carrying us in bags.
It’s looking very Christmassy inside! We went up to the Fourth Floor to see if we can have tea at the Golden Jubilee Tea Room – we think they’ve never had dogs turn up there before. They had to confirm our presence and alas, we were not allowed – even in our bags. They suggested we try The Parlour, a less formal setting, on the First Floor.

Hooray! We were most welcomed!And they even have wallpaper of people named after me!I wore my Teddy Maximus Liberty print bow tie for our date. 🙂 Had to clean up my act as Yuuna always looks so pretty in her dresses.

We sat in our bags on our Mummies laps – so we could peer at what was going on – Actually, I was looking at pretty Yuuna.Can’t take my eyes off her. Wonder what she thinks of my snaggle-tooth.Afternoon Tea arrived …Quite an unusual spread, O Ye Hoomans!

Well, that was a bit of a triumph! I think Mum’s thinking how to get Darcy into Fortnum & Mason. Carry her in a tote and break Mum’s shoulder or use the stroller!!!! LOL!

After tea, we invited Yuuna over to our home. Darcy couldn’t understand why we were sitting on her throne!

Yuuna wanted to play and I happily did …

But I think I might have frightened her with my over enthusiasm. I am small but powerful and she’s maybe too delicate for this Hungarian powerhouse!!! I hope I haven’t frightened her away.  I’d like to see her again.

May’s comment: Afternoon Tea at Dominique Ansel was quite a spectacle of vision and taste. An adaptation of the traditional English Afternoon Tea.The spread – clotted cream, strawberry jam was encased in the chocolate strawberries!And such delicate and pretty cakes!
Most dog-friendly! Located at: 17-21 Elizabeth St, Belgravia, London SW1W 9RP

I had heard that dogs are now allowed in at Fortnum & Mason – only if they can be carried. Well, that stroller might come in handy after all, but we decided to test the waters with smaller doggies. Off we went – doggy bags in tow! We first attempted the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon on the fourth floor – well, I guess that was a bit of a stretch. But we were welcomed at the less formal eatery on the first floor. The Parlour serves a version of English Afternoon Tea.Choice of tea, choice of a savoury dish – I had Welsh rarebit and Rosaline had Avocado on Toast!!!! And regular scones and a choice of pastry/cake. We had the carrot cake which we duly had packed to take home! In a way this was a nice change – to be able to choose the savoury and the cake.

Well, that’s two places to add to our Wine & Dine list! We haven’t added new places for a while.


  1. Margaret Danks

    What a beautiful little lady. My eyes were also drawn to the Camus… excellent choice of brandy May lol.

  2. Laura Cordovano

    They play so well. I noticed George remained very calm in the car…he likes her ❤️ And while they were playing he was so cute with her. I wonder what he was saying? What s cute couple.! Yum yum Welsh Rarebit.

    • Miss Darcy

      Yes, he’s been quite calm in cabs of late … hoping he has turned that corner, and now we have to deal with his barking at vehicles! 🙁

  3. Sandy Exley

    I just love reading about your adventures. Your dogs are so lucky and so well behaved. Living in Cyprus we dont see such wonderful buildings and our dogs cannot go in shops or restaurants. What a joy it would be to join you for such a delicious afternoon tea.

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Sandy, was thinking of taking Darcy to Cyprus but I guess it is not such a good idea then if its not dog-friendly.

  4. Ellen

    Thanks for the tip on Fortnum and mason. In the past I’ve always had to wait outside with doggy while my out of town guests browsed. He’s George’s size so easy to carry in.

  5. sandy exley

    Cyprus is not at all dog friendly. The shelters and pounds are full of unwanted and abused dogs and puppies. I cannot tell you how bad it is. The shelter i volunteer for argos animal sanctuary has 130 dogs and puppies and 120 cats and kittens in its care. We try to rehome them to UK and other europian dog and cat friendly countries. Its 1 step forward and 3 steps back every week. No financial help from the government and running costs for food, medical care etc reach €6,000 some months. I dream of them having the wonderful life you give your doggies. Thats why I love your blogs, its what keeps my hope up for the future of the dogs and cats here. Bless you for your loving vare of your furry family. X

    • Miss Darcy

      Hmmm. That is the case with so many of these countries. George came form Hungary. Let us think about how we can highlight them. Happy to help. Give me a story. I’m just thinking if we go over we wouldn’t be able to find a place to stay then or we would and then write about the plight of the dogs there.

  6. sandy exley

    I will look into a place for you to stay. How about self catering or do you need hotel?

  7. Ellen

    Seems like the policy might have changed again. We were just turned away from parlour with dog in bag.

    • Miss Darcy

      The Tea Parlour? That is not dog friendly but you can go to the place on the third floor.

  8. Ellen

    We went to The (ice cream) Parlour on the first floor at F&M same place as you. And we were turned away. Told by the manager on duty no dogs allowed in the store. We had our dog in a bag the whole time. He is 6kg.

    Oh well….went to liberty instead that day.

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