I hate trucks …

And motorbikes and some breed of dogs.

Do you remember how at the beginning when I first came to live in London, I was scared of them. Remember how I used to put on all the brakes if I saw a huge truck or buses or vans further down the road. That’s because they scare me when I was wandering around on the streets.

But now this in my city, my neighbourhood and full of confidence I have come into my own. I am opinionated and when I don’t like something, I am very vocal!

So the other day when we were taking photos on Kings Road with Freddie and DarcyWhen I noticed these wretched trucks, vans and motorbikes going up and down the road.They were distracting me from posing – like my sis and Freddie do so well.

Oh, I spy another one coming ….Here it comes, here it comes … I am going to scare it away – to tell him off!!!

So off I ran into the road to tell the truck what I think of it!


Well, you know what? The truck got the message. It stopped and listened to me as I told it off! See, Mum! I will protect you and Darcy from all these menaces!!!!I love my quiet moments at home but on the street, I do my battles!

May’s comment: And from the sidewalk where we were left standing in shock, that freakin’ dog scared the daylights out of EVERYONE!!!

We were outside the Chelsea Fire Station taking photos with poppies when George could only focus on the traffic passing by. He absolutely hates them! Despises them! He’s on the lookout for them – to the point that we can’t walk down the busy London streets without him barking!!!!

George, Darcy and Freddie were posing with poppies outside the Fire Station when a very large truck was coming down the busy King’s Road. Instead of focusing on what we were doing, he decided to go after it! He ran past all of us at lightning speed – right past five humans, two taking photos and three watching and a fireman who had come out to see what we were doing. While he was barking his head off and running towards the oncoming truck we all screamed. Thankfully the truck was moving slowly as it had just left a traffic light and the driver heard him barking. He came to a halt while George in full mode of anger expressed his hatred at the huge truck. The fireman ran into the road and I ran followed but he was so annoyed he was scampering – and we feared if he would run onto the next oncoming car! The fireman finally managed to grab a hold of him. Immediately, he stopped barking and had the look of – “what’s the problem?” blinking and lowered his head.

George can be the most endearing little thing at home. But a complete rascal when outside. All this is relatively new – maybe since early this year. We’ve had now three incidences when he could have been run over by vans/trucks!

The first time it happened, we were standing on a street corner when he saw a van turning the corner and he was so angry, he jerked and the leash escaped my grip. He took off down the road chasing after the van. Thankfully we were on a quiet residential street. Two passers-by saw what was happening. One of them stepped out on the road when the van stopped at the crossing and quickly grabbed his leash while he was barking his head off at the van.

The second time we were in Green Park – several dogs running around, when one of the Royal Park trucks was coming down the path faster than 5mph! George spotted the truck and charged towards it! We screamed! The truck driver stopped and looked at us in disgust. That’s unusual as they are always very aware of dogs off leads. Well, he shouldn’t have been going that fast and George shouldn’t have been running towards a moving truck! OMG!!!!

We seem to have developed anger management issues. George was not like that when he first arrived. In fact he was scared of large vehicles. He would put on all four brakes when he spotted them far down the road. Today his confidence is getting him into trouble. Since early this year he had taken to barking at them. We live in a big city and there are constantly trucks, vans and motorbikes on the road. I cannot walk out the door and avoid any of these vehicles. Funny thing is he doesn’t bark at buses – maybe because we travel on buses and he maybe that’s why he gets them. If you are a a motorcyclist, George doesn’t dislike you, he is just easily distracted! Check out Identoo if you are looking for motorcycle related content! I guess we can’t hate everything and people on motorbikes shouldn’t be the target of our frustration. With this being said, if you are looking to sell your motorbike for whatever reason, looking to get an instant valuation from WeWantYourMotorbike.com may be the best route to go down, just to see whether it would be worth selling it.

It is annoying and embarrassing when he’s barking at them as we walk along. He does stop barking when I pick him up – but that is not a solution. I cannot be carrying him. And for now, he can’t be let off leash – even in the park. We take two steps forward and one step back.


  1. Sian

    Oh sweet little George!! How upsetting for you, and all of us readers!! We all love him so!! My Harvey can be unpredictable like that as well. Makes me nervous to take him for walks at times.
    We did see a very frightened pup run from his owners in the park this summer. Poor little fella ran scared into the street and the story did not end well at all. Very upsetting for the owner and all of us around.
    I will pray our little furry ones will be safe!!

    • Miss Darcy

      I don’t think there’s anything I can do to stop him as I can’t anticipate a truck coming up the road. The only solution is to move to the country – live in a house with a big garden and he never leaves the premises!!!!!

  2. Cheryl

    Oh George, please be careful, and stop scaring mom!

  3. Sheena

    Hallo May, I have a reactive cockapoo who hates cats, most dogs, horses and motorbikes. I work with a trainer to help with some issues but there is also a brilliant Facebook page called Reactive dogs (UK) that you may like to join to find out more. They have a lot of information to help you. Good luck with the rascal!

  4. Lisa King

    Oh George! Please be safe! We all love you. May, you’ve done remarkable work with George. He may not change this habit but giving him that containment (ie. Keeping him on lead in possible stressful situations) may save his life. Such a scary moment it must have been.

  5. Liz Burman

    Oh little George stay safe! I always walk Elsie with a slip knot on her lead, so that if she suddenly makes a run for it the knot will just tighten around my wrist. She’s actually very stable but you never know! I don’t know what more you can do May, he’s a feisty little fella.❤️?

  6. Eppie Dyann Giles

    Fleas Navidad, is a wonderful cockapoo that dislikes other dogs in her area. But a car is a different story, if you open the door she will get in. And she will chase the car down to get in. She has been mine from 6 weeks old and I have never been able to stop her from chasing dogs or cars. But I love her and walk her daily and try teaching her not to. Someday you’ll find the key with George and I will with Fleas Navidad. They are always learning and so are we.

  7. Laura Cordovano

    Maybe you should take George on some rides in trucks. It seems like it worked with busses. Eppie is so right. We are always learning. So scary May. ?

  8. Varshali

    Oreo is exactly the same .. it’s trucks with trailers , motorbikes and cyclists. When we are out on the road and I spot these vehicles, if I talk to Oreo and reassure him.. says it’s Ok Oreo .. it seems to calm him and he won’t bark .. but this means I am always on guard ??

    • Miss Darcy

      I do the same with Darcy and big dogs and it works. I’ll be talking to George the whole time as we walk!!!!

  9. Rebecca Templer

    Zak George has a great video on YouTube about how to desensitise reactive dogs and stop chasing and barking. Check it out.

  10. RebeccaTempler

    This is a link to the video

  11. Margaret Danks

    Oh my days Georgie! Please please please stop this awful behaviour. I don’t want to be reading of your untimely demise!! ?❤️?❤️

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