Anti-Social is the new social

It’s not selfish. It’s considerate.

And I am doing my part in social distancing. But there are things we can still do.

As long as your hoomans are well, don’t forget to go out for walks

George walking with his shadow.

But not walk in groups, walk alone with your dogs. Or if you do – keep apart of at least 2m.

This is important as we are after all social distancing.

Walking alone gave us time to stop and look around.

We had time to smell the flowers …

But being alone can be difficult. So many things come to mind. Like the lone barker that we met in the park. He was so alone that he barked at shadows! LOL!

Bless him!

It is important to keep my minds busy.

Remember to reach out to friends who are out there on their own – through technology. Its great, isn’t it with FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype.

When we’re at home, we look out at the world that once was.

When Mum would complain that we had to go out because it was raining, now she wishes we don’t have to think about making sure the poo bags are open and she doesn’t have to lick her finger to open them, making sure she has hand sanitiser in her pocket, avoid walking close to people and thinking of wearing disposable gloves when she’s out as she hadn’t realised how many doors she has to push open. She never really has been much of a public transport person but now she knows she’s right about public transportation!

As much as she’s a home body, when you don’t have a choice (well, we still do) – we want what we cannot have. So hooman!

We do always think there’s a “next time.” And I think right now, hoomans are all thinking about that next time can’t come around soon enough.

Till then, we dream of the day when we are free from fear and isolation – and when we can just go outside without thinking about keeping a social distance.

Not sure how people will feel about hugging and kissing and shaking hands … we’ll have to see if this changes a whole culture of greeting. Mum thinks the Japanese got it right. They bow in respect for each other.

May’s comment: We’re in this now. Not because it’s a mandate. It’s been advised and we’re adhering to it. And some people will be in lockdown already.

But keep active – in mind, body and heart. More about this later. Gotta take the doggies out!


  1. Cheryl

    Stay well! Snuggle Darcy and George!

  2. Rita and Gracie

    Thank you May,Darcy and George..this is so true in these worrying times,as if Sunday because of age and suppressed immune systems we will be adhering to government advised self lockdown apart from well spaced walks with Gracie. Stay safe and keep minds busy and active for us 12weeks will be a long time. Although as someone said at the weekend think of it as an enforced Christmas. ??

  3. Liz Burman

    Stay well all of you, but particularly you May. It’s so good to have our pooches at this time, they’re such great therapy,???

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