Flatten the curve

Why are we looking up?

Because the number of corona virus cases in the UK are going up rapidly. The curve that everyone talks about is heading in the expected direction. But we must all do our part to flatten the curve!

We must try to keep the number of infected patients below the health care system capacity. This will allow the doctors and nurses to do their jobs and hospitals not be overwhelmed.

We are being told to change the way we lead our lives by the minute … basically stay home and do not go out unnecessarily to slow down the spread.

Since we do not have a garden, we still have to leave the flat for our daily toilet needs. While at it, Mum basically avoids meeting other people where we walk. We no longer end up in a cafe for her breakfast. We have stopped going out to meet others. We go out when we have to.

Remember she had done this once before after she returned home from Japan. She did a self-quarantine just in case – and without us. But now we may have to do it again if the situation in the country worsens. And we were relieved to hear that there is no evidence that companion animals or pets such as dogs and cats, can be infected with COVID-19. (www.gov.uk)

But there are some positives about all this staying home …

We spend more time together. Mum has brought out our brain stimulation toys. But she has to be careful about not over-treating us while we have less exercise.

Lying around all day!

Mum gets a lot done at home – she continues to clear up the piles of stuff in her “INBOX” and she continues to declutter. But then she has nowhere to take her decluttered stuff. Hmmm. Not too much then.

Catch-up on television series (again) and she said she might even get around to watching “Parasite” – which she had avoided so far because of having to read subtitles. But soon she will have plenty of time to read all subtitles. LOL!

Think about things you candy during your time at home. People who have successfully completed a period of staying at home have kept themselves busy with activities such as cooking, reading, online learning and watching films. (www.gov.uk)

Besides food orders and Deliveroo, Mum’s spending less – except for her flurry of activities last week as we prepare to stay home more and in anticipation of a lockdown.

Important mani/pedi –

And she wasn’t the only one who thought about getting her roots done before the self-quarantine is imposed!

We thought given the circumstances the hairdressers would be empty but to their surprise the area for tinting was packed full. Everyone just getting prepared for the shut down – Mum didn’t want to come out of the other end salt-n-pepper – not yet!

She did do some online shopping but then she did wonder if Amazon will be eventually affected! The hoomans can continue to shop but how will they deliver packages. Disaster!!!

So, let’s all do our part to flatten the curve – delay the spread to give everyone a chance to get this right.

May’s comment: When the mass self quarantine is imposed, it will be just us three in the bunker – and good to know we will be ok – together.

I haven’t stockpiled on food – thankfully there’s just one of me but I have stockpiled for the dogs – food for the month. Also “Survivor” showed that we can get by with a lot less food – good for losing some weight.

But I do have tons of Andrex Puppy-on-a-roll toilet paper. This was not done intentionally. As I am brand/product loyal and cannot bear not using Puppy-on-a-roll, I need to stockpile on a regular basis because they are not stocked everywhere. Besides hating to carry home toilet paper, whenever I placed a home delivery from Waitrose – I would always add a few packs of nine! So we are safe on that end! Who knew that brand loyalty would be rewarded this way.

I’ve had several panic phone calls yesterday from neighbours of a tenant who is self-isolating as he had come in contact with someone who had a mild case of the virus. The individual is fine – this is all for precaution. It’s amazing how so many people have still not read up or followed the cautionary procedures until they find themselves confronted with the possibilities. They go into a panic and suggest they move out.

In all seriousness, let’s try and beat this together. Football, concerts, gatherings and leisure travels can wait for better times. We need to do our part to help ourselves and others.

Jane shared this from the Netherlands – providing a clear explanation of why we need to Flatten the Curve.

Let’s do this together and one day – we will be able to look up again with hope rather than fear.


  1. Jane Groothuis

    In NY, any of us who can are self-quarantining. The US government did NOT take this seriously enough or take control soon enough. It’s almost impossible to get tested at this point, test kits are rare and are being closely rationed, used only for those who are showing active symptoms. From one day to the next, it felt like apocalypse now. Disney World-closed. All of Broadway-closed. Schools, houses of worship, community centers- all closed. The National Basketball League cancelled its season. So did professional hockey, baseball and golf-all shut down. Airlines are severely cutting schedules. Many of them, and smaller businesses, will not be able to sustain the loss of income and will close permanently. Scary times!

    BUT, last week, I stocked up on enough refrigerated and bagged food for my doggos to last more than a month. After all, what’s important is important! My pantry is overflowing and my freezer is jam-packed. We are doing our part to flatten the curve. No socializing, no unnecessary outings. Crazy hand-wiping and washing down of surfaces.

    Stay safe, wherever in the world you are.

  2. Rhona

    May. I fully agree. We don’t have to panic but let’s be sensible. We can go to the theatre another time and keep up with friends in different ways. I think if everyone just reduced social contact it would help a lot. ‘ Is your journey really necessary?’ Take care and the dogs will all love the extra time spent with them!

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