“Are we friends yet?”

Asked Mr. Postman.

We were at “Doggy Central” aka Juice Baby on Kings Road.
Jaffa and I saw Bailey and I decided to cover his eyes and play peek-a-boo!And as we were playing with young and bouncy Lyra (like Darcy was when she was younger) we spotted “the man in red”!

I started barking at him! “Ark! Ark! Ark!” – that’s how I bark – without the “b” in the bark!  For a change, Mummy did not tell me to stop but she allowed me to bark as I walked towards him. I was a little unsettled. I have never been that close to him.  He reached down to let me smell him which completely confused me. I am not supposed to like him but he was reaching out to me. And I am a real sucker to be stroked but I am not supposed to like him. I was not ready to bridge any matters between us.  I did not want to be nice. I was confused!  So my barks became half barks and I spun around and around as I always do, when I was suddenly swooped up from the ground.  Mummy had enough of my attitude to the man in red.  So she lifted me onto the Postman’s box and told me to confront my issues!Oops!

She said, “Mr. Postman is a nice man. He brings us the posts – we love the cards, not so much the bills and sometimes we like the catalogues, but it is not his fault what comes our way. At least we have them delivered. So be grateful.

Mr. Postman patted me on the head and I heard him say to Mummy, “I don’t think this will work.

Do you remember the blog about our Postman? He didn’t know about our blog.  Then one day, his daughter went home and told him that her teacher saw him on our blog! Yay!  We may not like Postmen, but we like teachers!

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