Doing our rounds with Royal Mail

This is a rare sight – not because we were all wearing red but that we were posing with Mr. POSTMAN!!!!

We were sitting outside Juice Baby waiting for a friend, Mummy with her usual, Creamy Cacao …When along came Mr. Postman.

We like barking at him every single day he puts the post through our door. I only bark at him when he does that but never when we run into him on the street. But George just doesn’t like Mr. Postman. And Mummy is always apologising to him for our barking. LOL!

But today, we were all very composed and he even dared to stop and pose for a photo!We look like we could be working for the Royal Mail today!

May’s comment: Funny thing, isn’t it that dogs, no matter where, always seem to bark at the Postman. I figured it’s because they think this person (Postman) is invading our “territory”.  That sounds about right for Darcy. But for George, not so straight forward.

I find it rather interesting that he has never met the Postman who is on the other side of the door. When we walk around our neighbourhood, we meet other postmen and he doesn’t bark at any of them. But he does when he sees the one who delivers our mail. His scent of smell must be pretty strong. I am sure Darcy does too except on the street he is not invading our territory. George on the other hand gets into a habit of barking and half the time he doesn’t know why he’s doing so. LOL!


  1. Claire

    May – my 3 boys loved our Mail-lady – Greta.
    They used to go crazy when she delivered our mail – Chester had to give her kisses and the other 2 (Earl and Randy) do what Chester does! They really loved her – I used to give her a Christmas gift from the boys!
    Sadly – Greta passed away last year. The boys still look for her through my glass front door.
    She was a lovely, animal loving soul………………we all miss her.

  2. Nicola

    Claire, what a lovely “obituary” for Greta, your beautiful posty 🙂

  3. Andy

    Maybe George is barking at the postie because he has a birds nest on his head (where he is going bald) and he thinks there may be a little bird living in it that he could eat?

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