Are we ready, George?

In less than two weeks we’ll be “Sleeping Ruff” …

We need to wrap up properly – we may need to put on our bathrobe. That way they will also know who we are.It will be necessary as it will be quite cold under October skies.  And the hard concrete ground will also be cold but I think we can squeeze into Mummy’s sleeping bag.  We can help to keep her warm. 

Are you ready, George?  This will be my first sleep out but it won’t be yours. I promise you this time it won’t be anything like the days when you were sleeping out on the streets. I will hold your paw and with all our friends, we will make sure you will be safe and warm.

In all seriousness, along with this motley crew, we will be sleeping out in the Duke of York Square to help raise awareness of the work that Glass House is doing for the homeless.Lisa with Mac and Maisy, Mummy with me and George, Julie with Barnaby and Belinda with Freddie will also be joined by Charlotte with Uka and Oggy.

And we pooches are also giving back something to our canine friends who also sleep out on the streets with their owners. DOTS (Dogs on the Streets) is a charity that we have supported in the past and will again continue to do so.

May’s comment: If you can, please sponsor us to raise funds for the homeless charity Glassdoor London at ?

For every pound we raise we’ll also be donating 50p (to a max of £500) to DOTs London who help dogs (and their owners) on the streets of London.

Every bit counts no matter how little, it all adds up. Thank you. And yes, the link works internationally! 🙂



  1. Liz Burman

    Oh my goodness you two look sooo cute in your bathrobes! I wish you mild and dry weather for this little adventure.??

  2. Ian Harrison

    They are so gorgeous in their robes and love how they’re holding paws!

  3. Frank Gee

    All in a good cause. Shared on Facebook. Well done guys. ❤️

  4. Angela Dillon

    Who can resist you beautiful babie?. Of course will sponsor . Lots of love and good wishes ????

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