Parteeeeee on Pavilion!

We went with Freddie to parteeeee at Wulf & Lamb’s first birthday!!!

Wulf & Lamb celebrated its one year anniversary – and while it was a feast for all vegans, we were also invited!It was date night for me and Freddie – our relationship is platonic, so boys, no worries! But George hit it off with Amelia. And flirted with the other girls!Winning hearts again, George?While Freddie and I – we kept watch of the food that kept coming.Congratulations Wulf & Lamb for a wonderful year!  And for always being so accommodating to us. “Run with the wolves. Eat with the lambs.” Totally agree!

But the party didn’t stop there. We went straight across the road to PaperSmiths!While Wulf & Lamb celebrated their first anniversary, it was a launch party at Papersmiths – a stationary store.What is the first thing we spotted? There were lots of pens – all different colours.And a children’s section of books.But I was really more interested in the treats.And Freddie was so excited, he just decided to perch on me. I was pinned against the wall!!!  We really do have a platonic relationship. LOL!And George, he found a book that matched his colouring – but said Find Colours! A fun time was had by all!  It is getting close to that time of year when there will be parties galore!

May’s comment: Along Pavilion Road, the newest village high street in London is Wulf & Lamb, a posh vegan cafe-restaurant in the heart of Chelsea.  The first time we were there, we were surprised that a vegan as a name like Wulf & Lamb. When asked, we were told …

The lupine (the wolf) and the ovine (the lamb) … Traditionally not the best of friends. Typecast as the enemy and the innocent. Predator and prey.

These days, thinking’s not so black and white. We see strengths and vulnerabilities in everyone.

Our story, and our aim, is about sweetly slaying misconceptions. And surprising harmony – amongst people, flavours and our place in the world.And why is “Wulf” spelled with a U, we asked? It’s an ancient – and softer-sounding – way to spell wolf.
Softness out of savagery is something worth celebrating.

A lot of thought put into a name and the food servings. Love the macaroni! Love the ambiance as well.

Pavilion Road is just behind Peter Jones/Sloane Square and parallel to Sloane Street. A row of artisan shops, it has a butcher, a greengrocer, a cheesemonger, wine shop, bakeries various other restaurants. Besides Wulf & Lamb, Hans Grill is also dog-friendly and Granger allow dogs outside. But April Cafe allow dogs inside. In addition to these artisan shops, Papersmiths has joined them.  Altogether they form part of London’s newest village high street.

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