Next stop – Oslo

How much further till we get to Oslo?

Two more long train rides?!?!?!

It was an early morning rise, need to do our morning walk first as Mummy couldn’t handle us doing our morning business while rolling that HUGE wheelie that has a mind of its own!

The station is a two-minute walk but wheelie and us makes it more like 5-minutes.We boarded the 08.27 train out of Copenhagen for Gothenburg And settled into our placesKeen to see the Øresund Bridge, which connects Denmark to Sweden.We crossed over the man-made island that helped to connect the bridge.But for some reason, George started panting anxiously this morning in the train like he does when in the car. What’s going on George? He wanted to sit on Mummy’s lap the whole time – and he even put his head on mine for reassurances.but he did eventually stop.If not, that would have been unbearable for him. The journey was five hours long.

Once in Sweden, the border control police came to check ALL our passports. We held our breath – did we get everything right? Phew! Yes, all ok.

The next stop was Malmö – and couldn’t help but thought about Winston. This is where he could have ended up if Mummy and team didn’t spoil the plan!!! LOL! So we waved to Malmo and left it with a huge sigh of relief!  Winston, you’re safe now.

As for the scenery, the landscape was completely covered with snow.

But then something else happened. The ticket officers who came by told us that we were not allowed in First Class. Mummy explained that we were told by the travel agent that we were ok until Gothenburg but from Norway onwards, we could only travel in Second Class. They didn’t know the answer. As it turned out, we had to move cabins to designated coaches for dogs, bicycles and prams.  Mummy asked what was the reason. The word “allergy” kept coming up- which was even more baffling that they should put us with children and babies!!!

We got off at Gothenburg at 12.05 to change trains.  We waved hello to Sweden – sorry, we couldn’t stop – we had to cross the border to Norway within the time limit of our deworming.

I’ve been to Stockholm to visit Mummy’s friend, Catarina about three years ago – and now, George can say he had set paws here too. 🙂 – to add to the list of countries he has been to.

Pleasant train station – no steps to manoeuvre – and this time, having been enlightened, Mummy asked the train conductor which coach should sit in. She pointed us to the right cabin.And the designated pet seats had a picture of a dog and a cat – I’m the dog and George is the cat, we assumed! 🙂

Again when we crossed over to Norway, our passports were checked again. This time the officer wanted to know how much luggage we had and how long we were staying. Maybe that HUGE wheelie was a bit suspicious! LOL!

Finally, we arrived in Oslo. Now to manouever wheelie and us onto a tram – yet another mode of transportation! We got off after four stops and Rachelle came to meet us. Couldn’t wait to get to their home.

Maddie!!!! We have arrived!

May’s comment: I have been looking forward to Oslo – to see friends, and have some “at home” time – albeit two days.


  1. Frank Gee

    Amazing 🐾 it’s going to be a wonderful Christmas. 🎄

  2. Cheryl

    So glad you made it safely, Happy Holidays!

  3. Rusty and Martine

    What an epic journey and I feel for Georgie xxx

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