First snow

The time has come for those booties to go out in the snow! Yikes

We went out this morning with Maddie – without anything on – and it was cold. We did everything in a hurry and went back inside.Mummy then said it was time to check out a bit of the scene …

So here we go! We had a trial run – and before you know it, we were running down the stairs in them. No problem!

Off we went, testing our booties.Oops! George had already lost one booty.And one by one they soon came off.

Before we even crossed the road, all boots were off!Mummy had to pocket them – all wet and slushy.

We walked on – our fuchsia Equafleeces stood out in the white snow but our paws were cold. Georgie was bothered by the ice balls on his legs and kept licking them. I was ok with them. We reached the Slottsplassen park – but we were not allowed off our leashes or we would have gone absolutely nuts!  This was our first real snow experience.

We like that white stuff on our faces!And there’s a view of Oslo And the Royal Palacewhere the King and Queen of Norway live.It was only 2.30pm and it was already starting to get dark – we didn’t go any further and Mummy decided we should go back to Maddie’s. She was disappointed that the booties didn’t really work.

This was our first real snow. I had experienced a light dust of snow in Düsseldorf five years ago and George found a patch of snow in Central Park when he went to New York with Mummy after a snow storm. But this – this is the real deal!!!

May’s comment: Well, they walked in their booties with no problem – except they didn’t stay on. I found myself staring at all eight of their paws once the first one came off.  One by one they came off and ended up stuffing all eight wet, slushy boots in my pocket. I guess they needed to be tighter. It was pointless after their feet were wet to put them back inside.

This is so far the second mishap since we began our journey.  George’s backpack’s zipper broke and rendered it completely useless. That would have been really helpful when getting on and off trains and trams as he’s small and some of those steps are high and there are gaps.

As for the temperature – no big deal. I think one adapts to the environment pretty quickly.



  1. Cheryl

    It looks like Darcy and George really enjoyed the snow! Have fun! Maybe you could find a tailor to fix the zipper on George’s backpack? I realize it might be a long shot, with Christmas and all, but you never know.

  2. Sian Widner

    We found the dog boots useless too! We should have known when we would see them lost and stranded all over town!! Lol. We now use dog socks, they are tight and stay on much better!

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