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This cookbook had been in our kitchen for as long as I have been around. It’s older than I am! 

Mummy admitted it had never been used, even opened. Actually most of the cookbooks have never been used for that matter! LOL!

She bought it after she went to the restaurant St. JOHN when it opened many, many years ago back in the 90’s. It is also in a part of London where we do not frequent.  
But she had recently heard that they are dog-friendly – at least in the bar area of the restaurant.It was close to where Mummy’s godson, Edgar goes to uni, so she thought – good idea to do Mother’s Day lunch there!St. JOHN’s restaurant specialises in offal dishes and a very British restaurant.  Both Edgar and Mummy have heard of  Welsh rarebit but have never tried it. They both googled it …and it turned out, there was no “rabbit” in it – it really was just lashings of cheese and mustard on white toast – but a very large piece off toast!!! Verdict? They both liked it!  Just that and a large bowl of cauliflower soup for Mummy was more than enough!Well, I think it was a successful lunch.

When we got home, we looked at this cookbook a little differently. And when we opened it for the first time – George had a good laugh!Pigs ears – looks good!

And on the inside of the back cover – it said …How appropriate we went there for Mother’s Day lunch!

May’s comment:  Fergus Henderson pioneered the resurgent interest in offal dishes at St. JOHN – which has a restaurant and bar, a bakery and a winery. Each of the venues adheres to the distinct style and philosophy which is integral to St. JOHN.

Only the bar area at the Smithfields restaurant is dog-friendly. It serves a hearty bar menu.  At 26 St John Street, Clerkenwell, London EC1M 4AY

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  1. Samantha R and Lola (Cockapoo)

    I have a friend who loves this restaurant – brilliant they allow dogs. X

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