Yummy, my tummy!

Treats, glorious treats! I’m anxious to try them!  

All these party favours from my birthday party – never arrived because sadly, Olly and his Mummy who made them for us had car problems on the day and couldn’t make it to my party. So she kindly sent all of them to us.

I was delighted!!! The party favours were packaged in blue for the boys and pink for the girls made by Monica! Aren’t they the cutest?But alas, Mummy said I had to share them with all those who came to my birthday party. 🙁

TA-DAH!!! Look at all these healthy party favours – home-made air-fried venison and spinach sticks, dried sweet potato and turkey, sweet potato and Parsley Shards.Mummy loves giving us those pumpkin treats.

She loves watching me chew them.  Yup, it’s a lot of chewing. George can’t eat them – too chewy for him so I get them for him.

So the packets were distributed – as you can see…

Lyra eating them.

Poor Jaffa – we had her posing with her empty party favour bagbecause she can’t have treats! She was wondering why it was empty.

Barnaby posing with them with much restraintWhile Freddie posed with what’s left of the bag! LOL!Maisie and Mac walked all the way in the rain to get them.  Maisie was politely thanking Mummy but Mac was saying, “We walked all the way for this?” Oh, Mac, really – they’re not that good. Leave them and we will happily eat them.

But Lola’s mummy came back all the way from Rutland to pick up her bag.  Lucky Lola!Mummy seems to be doing a good job distributing them – too good a job. Looks like Jesse got hers as well!And it looks like she’s loving them too – she wondered why her ,mummy closed off the bag?I am just thinking if there are any left, we’ll probably be able to have them. Don’t you think, Georgie?

Say what, Darcy?There was a venison & spinach stick – literally trying to escape from the bag – So I helped it along!Oh George! Which bag did you take it from?  I hope it wasn’t Stanley’s.  He will be coming for his soon.

Pssst. Rusty’s mummy is away and she might not be back in time – they may go bad before then so I think we can have his bag and Coco missed her chance when her mummy couldn’t come last week. Yes!!! Two more bags for us.

May’s comment:  Thank you Monica for the most amazing healthy treats.

Monica made them for Olly and now sharing them with us. We are now getting a monthly supply – makes me feel better giving them treats!  Contact Monica on Facebook if you want them for your poochies. Highly recommended! And they make me guilt-free!


  1. Monica Gale

    These pics are GORGEOUS < what yummy pooches enjoying their treats <3 Guess what ??the next shipment its on it s way yum, yum.

  2. Cheryl Adams

    How adorable! And what healthy yummy treats! Lucky pups!

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