Are you second guessing?

One day last week I decided I didn’t feel like going with our dog-walker.

So Mum and I went about doing things together while George and Jaffa went for their big walk.

I could hear Mum’s thoughts – gosh! It is so much easier with just one dog – and especially when it is just me – because George has a crazy way of walking. He has to pee every twenty steps and he darts from one side of the pavement to the other whenever he sees a lamp post, a tree or just anything he felt like pee-ing. I’m a girl and I do one pee and one poo a day. And I don’t dart about, especially if it is just me and Mum, I walk nicely and not competing to be ahead.

We’ve had Jaffa this past week which Mum loves. We’ve also been having slumber parties wth Little Tyke too so it’s been full house. Lots of cuddles all around.

We even went to the Barbican one afternoon to pick up Little Tyke from Summer School – all three of us and Mum. We all went to dinner together at Lucio’s.

And on our way home as George was darting about, and I was pulling because everyone was all excited – while Jaffa walked daintily, Mum said out loud to Little Tyke.

It is so much easier having just one dog.”

Little Tyke gasped in horror at what Mum said. I overheard that comment and wondered if she was thinking how well behaved Jaffa is.

Aunty May!!! Why did you say that?” – as he indicated with his hand at George, “Are you second-guessing about George?”

He was visibly upset, and Mum quickly explained.

No, what I meant is that it is so much easier handling just one dog because – look at this – complete chaos. But that doesn’t mean I would choose to give up George. Because life isn’t always easy and in the end, loving someone makes every effort worth it.

And Little Tyke quietly asked, “Are you second-guessing me too?

May’s comment: Sensitive little boy. Whoever thought a passing comment like that could upset him.

Yes, I get asked quite often, especially from those who are considering having number two. And in all honesty, yes it is more difficult with two.

There are two to think about and plan for if you are going away without them and two to think about when you are travelling with them – food, vet appointments, vet bills, insurance, lots of things just double. And you know those hotels that charges you extra per dog – I have always managed to make them see that their “deep cleaning” makes no difference between one and two dogs, especially when they don’t moult and we are usually cleaner than most families with small children. Actually teenagers are even worse.

While George is easy to hand over to several friends who will willingly take him, Darcy, though she is much easier to handle but because she is bigger is more of a handful in other ways that George is.

And because we live in a big city and driving around isn’t much of an option, taking public transportation (except for taxis) is a hassle especially the tube because of escalators. And going shopping with two is quite a challenge. Taking one dog to a restaurant is mostly ok, turning up with two either causes squeal of delight or raised eye-brows.

But we’ve done it and we’ve managed. And yes, when I sometimes have just Darcy or George, in particular, Darcy – it does occur to me – it would be so much easier with just one. But I have two. It happened. And we’ve managed. And George is worth every effort to make it work for us.

Who ever said life was easy? Sometimes we bring about our own situation.

So if you are considering number two – I suppose it depends on your living situation. I am on my own – but if you are a two-adult household – you share the responsibilities and might be able to each have one on a day of doing things. If you like taking your dogs along with you everywhere like myself, well, it helps to have two pairs of hands. If you really want to, it can be done – with sacrifices. But as someone said – two to love.

And as for number three – no, I don’t think so.

Not now. So that’s why there is always room for one or even two sleepovers.


  1. christine

    I completely understand. I too live alone and have 2 cockapoo’s. But they are great company for each other and for me. Although I think sometimes the older one would prefer to be the only one. 🙂

  2. Cheryl

    I understand, 2 is more work, kids, dogs, or whatever; but it’s also twice the love and fun.
    I laughed your comment about 2 dogs being cleaner and neater than teenagers, that is oh so true!

  3. Rita and Gracie

    We once stayed at an hotel where two small children were regularly “allowed” by their parents to run between tables and even underneath in the dining room as ” it was their holiday too”! Give me dogs every time,better manners and a lot less mess ( in the main)

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