Proud BFF!

Yesterday was the big day for my BFF aka Little Tyke.

He had been at the West End Stage Summer School at the Barbican all last week.

I had been there with Mum to pick him up a couple of days (one time it was just that me-and-Mum day) and yesterday, he and the members of his theatre group finally gets to perform in the West End at Her Majesty’s Theatre.

This is the theatre where Phantom of the Opera is performed.

We waited with him till he entered the Back Stage door for more rehearsals till the show in the afternoon.

Bye Little Tyke – break a leg!

After we left him, we went for a walk in Green Park.

And stopped by at Her Majesty’s Palace to tell her that Little Tyke is at Her Majesty’s Theatre.

But she wasn’t home.

Seven hours after we left him at Her Majesty’s Theatre, emerged a West End theatre performer …

We weren’t there to see him reappear but Mini Tyke was there!

To give him the biggest hug!

Gosh! Little Tyke is rather strong!

And one day when Little Tyke walks the Red Carpet – just remember we were there supporting him at the start of his career.

May’s comment: What an experience it was for Sasha. He loved every bit of it. A big hit amongst all the summer camps he went to.

Found it quite by accident. After his performances at several school plays last year, he had a taste of drama and acting. Googled an this popped up – and sounded like a perfect summer school.

On the first day, I felt so nervous sending him into a auditorium filled with kids from 8-18 – he being one of the youngest and smallest. At the end of Day 1, he loved it but he didn’t have friends – “no one was interested in me,” he had said. Oh no! What did that mean? At the end of Day 2 – he was super happy. He had made two friends. And those two friends became his best buddies the rest of the week.

A fab summer memory.


  1. Tracey Lennon

    Aw! Well done little Tyke! 👏 👏

  2. Nancy Koon

    A budding young thespian!!

  3. Anne McCormack

    How very brave of Sasha. What a lovely confident boy. Were you able to watch the performance May?

    • Miss Darcy

      Oh yes! Of course!!!! But unlike the other enthusiastic parents we were a bit late in the booking so we were quite far back!

  4. Cheryl

    How fun! It’s so wonderful when kids find positive things that excite them, and help them become more confident people! Way to go Sasha! Time to start that scrapbook!

  5. Daniel M Hall

    I had my first show biz experience when I was 12 years old. I acted in a play in a school near New York City. That led to future acting experiences in other places, including in New York City. If Sasha wants a show biz career, I wish him the best of luck and London is a great place for learning about show biz and pursuing a career in it. That’s a great photo of him and his sister after the performance.

  6. Valerie

    May – what excellent memories you are giving to the children! How lucky you are to have them and how lucky they are to have you, Darcy and George!

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