Arrivederci Milano! Arrivederci Italia!

Time to say “goodbye?”  Do we have to leave?

We are so grateful for Lorenzo, the Duty Manager of Palazzo Matteoti Hotel who made sure we were ok from the time we arrived in Milan till the minute we boarded the train to leave.

He even walked us some mornings when we had an early train to catch so Mummy could have more time to get ready. In some ways that was good because I wanted to get back to the room as soon as possible so I went about my business quickly. And he takes photos of our poo to show Mummy!I’ve done ok with our raw food substitute but not great. George wasn’t doing too well with it so for the last two meals, Mummy decided to order room-service for us – 125 gr. of minced meat and carrots. We had our breakfast this morning before setting out on our day-long journey.And so we begin our journey home.

We caught the 09.25 train to Zurich. Again, we couldn’t get a direct train to Paris due to the SNCF strike.  But it turned out not to be such a bad thing. Three and a half hours later, we arrived in Zürich. Even though it added another two hours to the journey, we had time when waiting for the next train for bathroom relief. And by then Mummy was starving.  There’s always a market in the Zürich train station – And Mummy bought the longest stick of salami.

With salami in bag, we boarded the next train.I am glad to report that she did not eat the entire 18″ long salami.

At 13.34 we boarded our train for Paris Gare de Lyon. This one was a little longer – four and a half hours till Paris.

The coach was very quiet and as I always do, I was asleep. But I must have been having a bad dream – and I let out this howly bark. Mummy grabbed my muzzle and shushed me. Oops!

18.02 – arrived at Gare de Lyon and looked for that familiar face in the crowd – Paul who would take us away in his car for the last stretch of the journey home.  And Georgie’s  panting began – again. Mummy opened the window so he could take in some air to stop his panting for – a short while. It was a long drive …We were tired – this journey just kept on going.

The sun was already setting as we neared Calais – it’s been a long day …And soon the sun was almost gone – or rather it was behind that tree.  It looked ablazed!We had quite a tight schedule.  We needed to check in 45 minutes before departure time, which was 21.50. We arrived at the Eurotunnel terminal at 20.59.  And we still needed to stop for Pet Check. We were scanned, and some bathroom relief in the Pet Area, we got back into the car – and the hoomans had their passport checked.and waited for our 21.50 crossing on the Eurotunnel.

35 minutes later, we were back in the UK … but there’s still one more train – Folkestone to Liverpool Street station.

Finally we’re home. Good night!

May’s comment: We’re home!!!  Long day.  14+ hours of travel – three trains, three taxis, four countries (Italy, Switzerland, France, England) – phew!

These are my “scars” from the journey. Did I say George was “light?”Advice: don’t have bare legs when travelling with George sitting on your lap!



  1. Laura Cordovano

    You are amazing May! Think about a long trip to LA this summer!! My two would love your two. And the outdoor terrace is huge.

  2. Kathy Shoulders

    Glad you had a great time and are back home safe and sound. As far as the marks go all I can say is OUCH

  3. Christine Ellis

    It’s great to see you taking D and G on your travels. You are leading the way for the rest of us who would love to take our dogs everywhere with us but are constantly coming up against barriers! xx

  4. Cheryl

    What an amazing journey! I still think you need to write a book about traveling with your dogs, I know it would be a best seller!
    So glad you are all home safe and sound!

  5. Trudi

    I’m biting the bullet and taking my Cavapoo for a day out to London (he has never been) but i go frequently; however I’ve purchased a buggy to keep him safe in the very busy street.

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