Art Appreciation Day

Rainy Sunday. No Walkies. What do we do?

We went to Chelsea Waterhouse to admire the beautiful pieces of dog art by Sally Muir

Barnaby and I were truly impressed by how BIG these dogs are! Are they life size?!?!We must avoid this breed – they’re the size of ponies.But really lovely work.And George was feeling very small and intimidated.May’s comment: Have always been a big fan of Sally’s dog portraiture – “her keen understanding of essential doggishness” in whatever technique she uses.

Sometimes it is just an outline – like this 15 minute sketch of George – which I LOVE!

And this one of Darcy – Muir’s mastery of the expressive capacity of the canine eye in particular makes these paintings live and pant. — Claudia Massey, Spectator

These are both 15 minute sketches that Sally had done of them – for a charity. Some day when I have another wall, maybe she will do something properly of Darcy and George – but George’s portrait won’t need to be too big!

You can see an exhibition of Sally Muir’s dog portraiture at Chelsea Waterside ArtSpace till the 31st October, 2018.

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