I LOVE this “Treat Machine”

This is a product placement – we have to say this! LOL!

A brown box arrived in the post and out came this white apparatus. What is it? What does it do?
Oh! It makes a funny noise – a bit scary.

Oh my goodness!

It dispenses treats!

I think I am in love with you!!! Darcy!” Mama shouted from the bedroom. “Where are you?

What?“It’s bedtime! Come to bed!” she hollered.

But, I’m waiting for FURBO to speak to me again.Who needs a squeaky toy when I have FURBO?

May’s comment: That little piggy Miss Darcy. Once she figured out treats were being shot out of the FURBO, the strange discharging sound was no longer frightening. In fact once she heard that churning sound she was ready for the treats.

I knew George would be frightened by the discharge noise. He hung around till the treats have been dispensed and then he went to help himself.

It is not just a treat dispenser but the camera allows me to see what they are doing when I leave them at home.

It’s usually just me and my dogs at home, so there’s not a lot of talking going on.  So when I do speak to my dogs while doing some training practice, I get these messages on my phone …I’m finally speaking the language of my dogs! I’m barking!!! LOL!

FURBO is the first interactive dog camera which helps owners to stay connected with their dog. You need iOS or Android smartphone and broadband internet connection in order to maximise the use of FURBO. It stands 22.5cm high, has a camera and a microphone so the owner can, see, talk and toss treats to the pooch even when not at home.  I use it to spy on them. 🙂 The treats is just a bonus for them when I am out. Retail at about £249.

I love that I can check on them and have used the FURBO speaker to call them. Though Darcy goes to the apparatus when she hears her name – that’s about it. She just waits for the the treats to be dispensed – which I do by remote control from the phone.  But that’s about it – she doesn’t listen to my commands when I tell her to SIT! That was maybe one step too far. 🙂

P.S. Though we were given this product to trial, we do not feature any products we do not approve of.  Whatever we write about is from personal experiences. In this instance it’s a requirement to state it’s an advertisement.


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