Watch out! Art appreciation can be dangerous

That was scary – looked like a falcon was about to descend on me! Aunty Lizzie (who is Bella’s mummy) was in visiting from D.C. We went to some art galleries IMG_7693And I sat appreciating all the lovely pieces of artIMG_7692While George and Jaffa were looking a bit boredIMG_7698 And right in the middle of the gallery, they started to playIMG_7697 Well, I better not be seen with those twoIMG_7696After our walk around the block, they dropped us off before they went out for dinner. You see, we don’t get to go everywhere with Mummy – she does leave us at home sometimes.

But after their dinner, they came back to give us tummy rubs
IMG_7699 And Aunty Lizzie teasing George!IMG_7702

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