Contortions of Crumpet

Crumpet is a LARGE version of me – he’s a Labradoodle and he comes to our Hyde Park doodle meets. He does the doodle dash with us smaller versions and he plays like he’s Georgie’s size! We love having him come to our meets because he adds dimension to the group! 🙂

But we learnt that he has another life when he’s at home …He’s a contortionist!!!!
IMG_7531Are you really comfortable, Crumpet?
IMG_7530Maybe you just need to put up those paws after a long walk.IMG_7536 (1)But there seems to be one favourite position … IMG_7353Note: he’s right next to his bed but it’s not big enough for his sprawl. So he goes on his mummy’s bed …
IMG_7537It’s the spread out back legs and …IMG_7533his outstretched front left leg.  Sometimes he even creates “magic sparks” when he does it – like this!
IMG_7355 And sometimes he just needs a little help holding onto the wallIMG_7535Oh, those paws – we think his mummy loves them!!!IMG_7354Finally, a normal position.IMG_7362May’s comment: So what does Crumpet really look like?  Here’s Crumpet!!!
IMG_8167 (1)And I can truly say that I have finally met another dog-obsessed human being who takes more photos of her dog than I do!!!! LOL!


  1. Alex

    His mummy most certainly does love him 😍😍😍 hilarious post May 🙂

  2. Cecilia


  3. Liz

    Too cute!

  4. Loraine

    Crumpet is the master of relaxation.

  5. Kathy

    Love those toes too

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