George charmed his way to a dinner invitation

Friends from Düsseldorf were visiting for the weekend. Manuela knows how much we love treats from Dog’s Deli – so that was what she brought us – much to our delight. But George, he knew who was the boss! He immediately charmed Ulli!

So when the time came to decide who gets to stay home to keep Churchill company and who gets to go to dinner, Ulli asks to have George! What?!?!?!? And boy, did he lap it all up! Literally!

We arrived at dog-friendly Chiltern Firehouse – Mummy, Manuela and I were taking a photo together but some activity was taking place behind us!!! LOL!

George felt special that evening. When the hoomans were seated, he sat quietly under the table. As small as he was, they acknowledged his presence and brought him some water in their very fancy dog bowl. Mummy had always liked that dog bowl. This time she decided to ask where she could buy one, although a PetWeighter bowl would perhaps make more sense as our current bowl always seems to travel around the room when its being eaten from so something weighty might be a good solution. That was when they told us the story behind that dog bowl. Carrie Fisher, who used to go there with her dog, Gary gifted the dog bowl to Chiltern Firehouse – and ever since then they have kept that as their signature dog bowl.

So we have been drinking from Princess Leia’s dog’s bowl! 🙂

May’s comment: Treats from our favourite Dog’s Deli in Düsseldorf!And we were once again at Chiltern Firehouse – which allow well-behaved small to medium size dogs. It is a noisy and busy place so make sure your dogs can deal with the all the hustle bustle of the place. There’s outside seating for lunch. Chiltern Firehouse is at 1 Chiltern St, Marylebone, London W1U 7PA

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  1. SamanthaR and Lola

    Darcy – you are sooo clever reading those packs of treats and choosing what you wanted!! George you are clearly a little charmer and a bit of a Prince Charming and Churchill, you are just gorgeous and I just adore that ‘baa lamb’ hair! xxxx

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