All that is wrong with him

Mummy has been introducing Churchill to people and they keep telling us everything that is wrong with him. 🙁Some say his front legs look funny. They think he is “deformed.”  He is in no pain and he walks and runs happily. Mummy consulted with the vet. The vet thinks he has Jack Russell legs.  Hmmm. Mummy’s rather curious too. She was told he is a Bichonpoo or Poochon. In any case, she got a DNA test kit to find out a little more about him. But he is ok and his legs may not be the liking of some.

They say he’s disproportionate. That his body is too long.  He has an odd shape, they say. He looks like he’s a sausage dog and he has proportionately shorter legs.  Jack Russell traits again? That makes him shorter than Darcy.

They say his hair is too curly. Very poodly.OK. It’s not a defect, surely! All poodle crosses can end up with curly hair. It’s also because they had cut him so short at his last grooming. When his hair grows out, he wouldn’t be so tightly curled. It’s the Bichon Frise in him.

Some say his eyes are scarily large. Sorry, that sounds rather like an excuse.

And someone said he hated his poodle tail!!!! Excuse me! You’re speaking about me and all my poodle cross friends. Surely that can easily be trimmed or shaved off.

But these hoomans don’t know him. He may not be pedigree and finely bred like some. They have only judged him by appearance, rather their preference. But we can tell you he is more than all those “imperfections”. He is a little guy with steel determination. He found himself in a situation where he did not know which way he was going. But he kept going. He had become anxious and highly strung because he was confused of his existence.  He felt very alone in the world yet he plodded on, looking for some way out …

It has only been three weeks he came into our home a little more “permanently” – and this is what we have come to learn about him. He loved playing with balls. Nothing stops him from having a good time – even a cone on his head. He had on a cone after he had a hernia operation but he’s completely fine now.

He is respectful of others. He stays his distance and keeps to himself – most of the time. Sometimes he sits by himself at the top of the stairs. And George would go and join him there.

It is not because he is not sociable. He feels very comfortable with us.After a brief stand off, George now engages with him and he is just very compliable …
He let’s George do things to him that most dogs would never tolerate.

But when it comes to bedtime, that’s when he forgets his place. He jumps up and takes prime position. He’s a good snuggler.

Sometimes we find him sitting alone deep in thought … he must be wondering if this is his new life.  And we haven’t had the heart to tell him it isn’t. He must sense that there is something not permanent about it. He gets taken out for walks by Joanna – sometimes with us and a lot of times on his own. At the end of each day, he is always happy to come home to us.

Churchill has just been one unlucky dog – so far. Just last week he got bitten by some insect. He started licking it and his saliva stained his fur.We’re altogether most of the time but he is the one that was bitten. As Joanna said, “Everyone picks on Churchill. Even the insects.” LOL!

He may not be “perfect” in the eyes of some but we are sure that there is someone out there who will rescue him and he them. And they will love each other for all that they are and not for anything else.  But till then he is one of us.

May’s comment: I have been a failed fosterer with George and a happy one at that, but I cannot afford to be another failed fosterer. Circumstances do not allow me to keep him and I am not allowing my heart to dictate the outcome of this one.

I am determined to find him a “good” home.  I have never attempted to re-home a dog. Of course, my definition of “good” currently includes being able to have access to him to be sure he’s ok.  That’s why I have not pushed too hard to get him re-homed outside of people I know. Maybe I am being unrealistic and should expand my approach to rehoming.

All this is turning out to be quite an experience – not one I am enjoying at the.  It has been disheartening to hear comments from people scrutinising him for his “imperfections” – they’re probably just excuses for themselves.  If he’s “perfectly formed”, he would have been snapped up immediately. So its best to accept that the ones who see his “imperfections” are not the right ones for his needs. I must be more pragmatic in my approach to rehoming rather than be emotional.

The kids, as in Sasha and Skye are coming for the summer and I get very involved with their lives the two months they are here which means I won’t have that much time even for mine. Joanna and David have been amazing in doing their part for him. They walk him everyday to relief me from having to do so with three. When I think I have to let him go because I don’t have time for him – it breaks my heart. He is not yet two (August is his second birthday) and he already had such an unsettling life. Surely I cannot let him go to yet another temporary situation and unsettle him again.

I have not been able to get the full story of his early years but I understand that his previous owner found him on an internet site for dogs to be re-homed. (Pets4Home, I believe). The exact time is unknown, but when as a puppy he was “destructive” and not house-trained. Duh! He was a puppy – he needed training. So he was passed to a dog walker for training who apparently ended up keeping him for six months. The dog walker realised that maybe Churchill’s owner was incapable of giving him a proper home and offered to adopt him. That did not pan out and eventually the owner took Churchill back – which led to our accidental meeting late January. Events brought us together and I stayed in touch through some arrangement. The eventual agreement was that his owner to allow Joanna to take him for walks twice a day – and in the process, that included feeding him in the morning and evening. Over the weekends, Churchill’s existence was pretty much on his own – and probably did not get to go out with any regularity. Between Joanna and I, we prayed and waited for the day when the owner would admit to giving him up.

On a recent Bank Holiday weekend, Churchill was “dramatically” taken away from his previous existence. I promised Joanna that we will help to find him a forever home but in the meantime, he can stay at ours.The story is complicated, but he ended up at ours. I can explain to anyone who is interested in taking him.

It didn’t take Churchill long to settle in quickly.

After a few days, away from an erratic existence, he has surfaced as sweet-natured. He has a gentle soul – but when he plays a little bit too rough George bullies him, poor thing – and he walks away without a fight! He is not barky though when he wants food, he will talk and let you know. He is a bit of a loner and tends to sit by himself. He is not destructive and he has been left at home with Darcy or George and not minded at all. He is mostly house-trained but due to his previous existence he was at first confused what was the right thing to do. He’s getting used to our routine. He is not used to being held and will struggle to get free when held. But he can and will gladly sit or lie next to you. Over time, I think he will learn to trust the human touch. He will open up and he will interact a lot more. And one day he could be as “human” to someone as Darcy is to me. And when his hair grows out a little more – he will be darn cute!!! And we’re working on that.

I am reaching out to Doodles Trust – as he is a poodle cross. And I know I can hand him over to Dogs Trust who I highly respect. But that means letting go – which maybe what I have to do.


  1. Sian

    So sad to hear people’s negative comments toward a defenseless little dog. He looks perfect to me! His new owner and forever home will be perfect for him.

  2. Lolie

    Hope Doodle Trust can him his furever home. I also respect Dogs Trust but worry for him going there as it’s kennels not a home & all this good work you have done could be undone & he withdraws completely 😥
    Poor little man. Paws all crossed he finds his new hoomans soon x

  3. Rosemary

    He is perfect in his imperfection and I pray the right person comes along who will love him for all of it. I have a rescue Maltipoo and he has changed my life.

  4. Elizabeth Burman

    I’m not by nature a cryer, but when I read this I found I had tears in my eyes. Poor little Churchill. He looks to me to be a dear sweet little doggy and as cute as a button. No he’s not deformed. Why do people always want perfection, there’s no such thing in this world! Well they’re missing out on a fabulous relationship. Come on people give this little man a fair go. It sounds to me that he hasn’t had one in his short little life. Sorry if I sound angry but this has upset me, to think we as human beings still judge others including animals by the way they look!😰😡

  5. Barb Barkley

    Hope Churchill finds the perfect home soon. He has perfect eyes which gives him a beautiful expressive little face, a lovely tail and a beautiful curly coat!

  6. Pam Eulberg

    Oh I think Churchill is a lovely fellow. Our Cavapoo has front legs that turn out just like Churchill’s and she runs, jumps, and plays with no problems. Best wishes to you as you get Churchill ready to go to his “forever” home!

  7. Miami Malteses

    It’s so unsettling to hear he will have to go to yet another place that will only be temporary untill someone “accepts” him and takes him home. It just undoes all the stability you have given him. I wish I could adopt him! His story truly breaks my heart! It reminds me of when I adopted my two little ones..they had been passed around so much they did not know who or what to trust and 11 years later they still have certain fears that will never leave them be. You have done an extraordinary thing by opening your heart to him because I know it will break your heart to let him go. So don’t let him go until you place him in a forever home. I offer to donate funds to help you keep him.

    • Miss Darcy

      I have been thinking hard about letting him go unless the person wants him forever. I know it will unsettle him again unless it is for one last time. But it is already costly to keep him and realistically I cannot keep him. 🙁 Wish you can take him. He is very sweet.

  8. Ruth Tinney

    Poor little man. He is so lucky you found him May and I know you will move heaven and earth to find the pawfect forever home for him. He is just perfect and with the security and love he deserves will flourish. I just wish I was at least in the same country, Hugo would live an older brother. Much love and respect to you May, Darcy and George for opening your hearts to a sweet little man xx

  9. Jane Groothuis

    I live in New York, but if it were possible, I’d welcome Churchill into our home.

    May, what you’ve done so far for this beautiful boy is awesome. He is so lucky to have guardian angels like you and Joanna. Someone wonderful will open his or her heart and home to him, I feel sure of it.

  10. Jill Keiser

    Wish I didn’t live so far away (in NC), I would take him in. He looks perfect to me.

  11. Heidi Nelson

    He looks perfect to me…bless his little heart! Thank you for taking him into your pack…hoping he finds the right home.

  12. Nancy Koon

    Humans are just mean and awful. Churchill is a cutie. I don’t see anything wrong with him. He just needs to be loved and cared for. I wish I lived in England, I’d take him in a
    heartbeat, but I live in Los Angeles. This just makes me want to cry.

  13. SJ Nylin

    He’s beautiful! I hope he finds a loving home soon—the Internet can be a wonderful place for this sort of thing. Like the others, I wish I could take him, but we lives in the States too. Good luck to you and thank you for helping this little guy!

  14. Sherri

    May – you are an Angel!! It takes alot for the tough ole lady to cry but I’ve got tears on my cheeks after reading all about Churchill! He doesn’t look funny! And anyone who says he does can just go soak their head! Lol! Churchill looks fine to me! I’d snatched him up in a heartbeat! Sadly, I’m in Minnesota and due to my own limited resources and that I already have a new pup, I can not but you can bet your boots if I’d seen Churchill over here before my new puppy came along, Churchill would be resting comfortably wherever he wanted in my Apt right now! ☺

    I’m sure after his rocky beginning he is now feeling like he’s landed in Doggy Heaven being cared for and loved by you, Miss Darcy and George! The day he met you is the day his life turned around and from here on out will be for the better! Churchill may always have a few inner scars, no matter where his furever home is but don’t we all come with a little bit of baggage?! We do and when you find the perfect furever home for Churchill it’ll be because they all have the right kind of baggage to have a set that matches perfectly!

    Until then, I will add my prayers to those of others for the right hooman for Churchill and for you and your furkids to be able to keep him safe and loved until then!! You’ve more than earned your Angel wings, May by taking in Churchill, I’m fairly certain you’ve gotten your golden {furry} halo too!! Blessings on you and yours for the huge love that you give to so many who need you!! ❤😇❤

  15. Rabin Tambyraja

    Hi there. Have sent you a private mail in FB messenger re. Churchill. Thx. Rabin

  16. Jeanette

    Isn’t it the quirky things about them that make them special, bless him if I didn’t have 2 cats as well as my cockapoo I would open my heart and home to him. I do hope doodle trust can help you please don’t let him go to dogs trust x

  17. Kim

    Bless his little heart. I would dearly love to adopt him.. but with 2 of my own I fear I would have the same issues. I sincerely hope he gets the life and love he deserves. You have a golden heart May. Much love to all 4 of you. Xx

  18. Angelique Korkodilos

    When I read the subject I was not sure what to expect and my heart dropped as I thought surely it cannot be little Churchill. I am sooo very sorry we cannot help home him.

    I thought and still think that Churchill is super cute! If I hear anything from my friends I will let you know. I am sure soon he will find his special home.

  19. Margaret Danks

    I too had tears as I read your blog today May. He is perfect to me and I can believe all too well that people are judging him on appearance. I sincerely wish I could take him but I’m not sure Maggiedog would welcome him ( she’s not good with male dogs ) and I have an old cat who is dog savvy but at 15, I don’t think it would be fair on him. I pray to all that is great and good in the world that he finds his forever home soon and settles quickly.

  20. SamanthaR and Lola

    Oh my goodness, what a story. Churchill is absolutely gorgeous and quite frankly, anyone who can’t accept imperfections (goodness knows we all have enough of them) then quite honestly, they don’t deserve the love and friendship that I have no doubt the little chap would bring into their lives. Makes me both mad and sad – mad that people can be so unkind and sad that I don’t think I can just scoop him up and bring him home with me.May, you’ve done a wonderful thing and are living proof that kindness and acceptance is still alive and kicking in some people. S xx

  21. I have a Cavapoo and am part of the Facebook Cavapoodles page. My dog is Asa and he is 2. I love him so much. He is hyper and that’s ok with us. He cuddles when he wants to and there are times he is a loner.

    I am glad you are doing this for Churchill. He is perfect. He did not ask to be born but someone did bred his parents and produced him. I always say RESEARCH before taking on a breed. And dogs are a huge responsibility. Nothing like cats which I had for years. I grew up with dogs so I was prepared. I digress, but thank you for helping this little guy out.

  22. Alicia

    Churchill and I have a lot in common. Unfortunately, I live in the States. I will hope and pray he finds his forever home and is loved and spoiled for the rest of his life. 😘 to you for opening your arms and heart for him, 😘 to Miss Darcy and George for sharing their home (and mom) with him, and 😘 to Churchill for being unique and perfect in my eyes.

  23. Laura Cordovano

    I love how you have him posing already. He’s learned to do that well. Such a soulful little doggie with so much to give. I pray he finds the home that he deserves. Until then keep up the poses! Xo

  24. Anne McCormack

    Well done, May. I hope you find a good home for Churchill soon so he can settle in with his new patents. Xx

  25. Kara

    Hello, is this dog from Oaklahoma? I have a toy poodle that looks EXACTLY like this

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