All dressed for a dirndl party!

What a racket these people are making!!! 

We’re at a party the night before the wedding and everyone is wearing the dirndl (traditional dress worn in Austria, South Tyrol and Bavaria). Including Mummy! LOL!img_7076I wore a “trachtenmode” style scarf which matches Mummy’s outfitimg_7094We saw lots of old friends – Katja, who is the sister of Edgar (Mummy’s godson) img_7067 Renata whom we visited in Berlin – and she loves dogs!img_7093 Christina from Dusseldorf who has a dog called Oskar img_7127 And we met this little “princess”img_7134 And a handsome “prince” in a lederhosenimg_7081 I was a hit with the kids – they all wanted to stroke meimg_7135 But these people were making quite a racket going around the roomimg_7111At the end of the party we walked home through the fields
img_7144 Before we got home safely to the castleimg_7145Well, that was an experience.

P.s. Mummy was the only Chinese guest and the only guest with a dog! Think we’re doing ok to get noticed. LOL!

May’s comment: On the grounds of the Schloss Obermayerhofen is a 250-year-old “Gaisrieglhof” (farmhouse)img_7191The pre-wedding party was a traditional event (Austrian style)img_7070 With the traditional knödelsuppe to startimg_7095And the apfelstrudel for dessert!img_7108And traditional folk music to add to the atmosphereimg_7111We had a good time.img_7118And I learnt a lot about dirndls!  But I forgot to read the notes about tying the bow before I went to the party!

Bow on dirndl apron tied on the left means they are single and flirting is also allowed. But it is not an open invitation or excuse for immediate physical contact.

Bow on dirndl apron tied on the right means they’re taken! Look but don’t touch!

Bow on dirndl apron tied in the middle is considered sexy!  It signals “I am a virgin.” Crikey!!! img_7068Thank goodness I had Darcy with me to ward off any approaches.

And if the bow on dirndl apron is tied in the back – it means the woman is a widow or a waitress.

LOL! Well, now I know better – for the next time.

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  1. Elizabeth Burman

    You both look lovely in your dirndl outfits. You need to get that dirndl bow right May, you never know when Mr D’Arcy might appear!

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