Perfect dinner dates at The Shed

We have been trying to get together with Oggy and Uka for months and we finally did yesterday – and at a place where our hoomans been wanting to go to – The Shed!

Well, it is a little more than a shed but it felt like one – rustic and cheerful!We were happy to see our friends, Oggy (cavapoo)And Uka (cocker spaniel)Her party trick is to play dead!!! LOL!She and George were ok together – they both tend to be a little temperamental but both behaved exceptionally well.Uka plays dead to get attention and George says please and begs for love! Made for each other.

After the initial excitement, we all finally settled down – sitting on the banquetteBut Oggy was not feeling very comfortable with a boar’s head behind him! LOL!It was all in all a lovely evening to have found another dog-friendly restaurant in West London!

May’s comment: The Shed in Notting Hill was the original Gladwin Brothers Restaurant which opened in 2012.

The three Gladwin brothers – a Chef, a Farmer and a Restaurateur were looking to bring a slice of the Sussex Countryside to West London. Their menu champions local and wild British seasonal produce with the ethos of “what grows together, goes together.”

Tapas size dishes for sharing – like this chorizo dish.Served by a staff of dog lovers in a rustic space with colourful fabrics and barrel tables  – even all their clientele seems to love dogs. They all stopped to fuss over our dogs.When it is not busy, the dogs can sit inside the restaurant but there are two banquettes by the bar where the dogs are allowed – cannot be reserved but when you call up to let them know you have four dogs coming for dinner, well, they made an exception!  There’s also outside seating in the evenings – no reservations for outside tables.Added to our Wine & Dine List



  1. Deborah

    Love it!

  2. I love the fact they make more and more places, where you can go with your dog.

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