Let’s live in the moment

In Mummy’s continued effort to understand me, she got in touch with an animal communicator – 

She’s curious about my past.  She wondered if there was anything during my life as a street dog in Hungary that had upset me that is causing me such anxiety when travelling in cars.  Did I have a bad experience?

I wish I could tell her what I want to say but I can’t, so when the Animal Communicator reached out to me, this is what I wanted Mummy to know.

What made me anxious in cars?  There wasn’t a specific experience.  But the first time I was in a car was when they picked me up from the streets.  I was frightened.  I didn’t know what it meant and I didn’t where I was going.  I was then thrown into this cage and left – my future undetermined.Where was this place? Why was I behind bars? I could no longer roam the streets freely.

Weeks later, I was removed from the cage and lifted into another car – and I ended up here, in another place – a foster home.Again, I didn’t know what was going to happen to me.  I stayed here for a few weeks and the next thing I knew, I was in a van – with some other dogs. We travelled a long way – from Hungary till I reached London – another place unknown to me.

Every time I got in a car, it seems, I was being taken to another place and another place. I didn’t know where I was ending up next.

On reaching London, I got into yet another car, sitting on some stranger’s lap.So you can imagine – every time I get into a car, it jolts back memories of all those journeys when I didn’t know where I was going.  It made me anxious – was I going somewhere else again?

But now I am settled and I have a home, but I still recall the anxiety I had with every one of those car journeys.Does that help you understand me a little better?

I think the time has come for me to let you know – Mummy, please don’t keep going back to my past. I don’t want to think about those days when I didn’t have a home and I never knew when I would have the next meal.  I fought to survive. They were not pleasant memories.  The past is not important to me, I want to live in the present moment because it is NOW that I am secure. I live with you and my big sister Darcy. Now is NOW. I would appreciate it if we can focus on the now, the present.

May’s comment: Whether you believe in them or not, just like if you believe in tarot card readers or fortune tellers, I was just curious to see what they have to say.

The process:

I sent her a photo of George and told he how old he is, or approximately how old I think he is. I told her he’s a rescue from Hungary.

She had an initial connection with him – 30 minutes.

The next day we spoke over the phone. She gave me a list of things she had learnt about him – and listed them just to be sure she got the right animal.  It’s never 100% accurate but when it’s about 75%, we’re in the right track. This is what she reported back.

Character: Gentle, timid, can feel unsure of himself. Playful, comfortable with people he knows. An observer, docile, curious. Very intelligent, a bit scatty! Earnest, loyal, starting to enjoy affection more. Can withdraw and take himself away if things become too much for him.

Emotionally: Unsure of his place in the house and if he will be moving on again. Loves it where he is and wants to stay and be relaxed. Confused about the energy directed towards him at home. Very sensitive to the feelings of people near him and picks up on all energies. He is feeling insecure at the moment and wants to feel secure. 

Physically: Got an image of him shaking. He’s getting used to being touched and groomed now. Has had previous digestive problems. No pain picked up. 

Any Other Information:  I picked up residual energy of loss / sadness.

I asked specifically about what had happened to George in Hungary before he came over to the UK. George said he did not want to go back to that time as he was living in the present and loves where he is now. My wondering and worrying about his past is keeping him in that energy whereas he just wants to enjoy his present moment.

We then explored the shaking and anxiety that George has when he travels in a car. This is from his past and is related to not knowing where he is going. It is also related to his insecurity that he is not staying with me and he worries where the transportation will take him. To alleviate this, she communicated to George that he is staying with me until the end of his days and that if he goes in the car, he will be with me and will be always returning home. He felt some isolation in the car also. George needs me to feel relaxed when we go in the car and he should stay behind if any anxiety is felt. The whole transportation should be approached with a relaxed manner and the more relaxed and calm I am, the better George will be. I will communicate to George where they are going, how long they will be there and that they will be returning home together. To be patient with him so he can start to unlearn this habit.

I also asked how George felt about Darcy and I got back a feeling of nonchalance and not swinging either way towards affection or dislike.

I also asked why George kept spinning and I got back the energy of a playful release of energy.

Some of these are just common sense, others provided interesting information.  In short, it was a reminder on how we lead our lives.

Dogs live in the moment.  That is something we should do ourselves.  If I can just heed this advice and move forward with him each day.


  1. Angie Salmon

    George’s story is so touching, this morning’s account made me cry. George is right, he belongs in the now and future, not the past.
    Keep loving and enjoying him May, he can ask for no more. You, Darcy and George have a wonderful, adventurous life together and long may it continue.
    Angie ? ?

  2. Laura

    So touching this made me tear up. It makes sense that George would have anxiety around cars. He is so lucky to have you and Darcy. I think he just wants to be a home body now that he has found you. Xo

  3. Maria

    Bless him he’s had such a journey in his young life and will always harbour some of the memories but he has a fabulous life with you and security . Sad to think how lucky he was to find you .

  4. Annie

    So many dogs with these conflicting emotions – we have no concept of their suffering or fears. It breaks my heart to hear of abuse of any animals – their love and trust is just unconditional – I’m sure eventually, George’s sad memories will fade and he will feel completely secure.

  5. Aw little George, this so moving as other people have said. He is lucky he has found you and I know you will feel so lucky to have found him too. What he says is right, we should live in the moment. We can all learn so much from our dogs. Bug hugs to George.

  6. I’ve found this too, animals have a powerful way to remind us in our day to day lives that living in the present moment helps to keep us grounded and mindful.

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