Au revoir, Tati

Tati joined us in many of our Provence adventures.  Whenever Mummy and Tory were geting ready to leave, we would all get excited, causing great commotion.

Tati would start barking and leap very high. Georgie would do his usual running around in circles. I would try to snatch my lead and run out to the garden with it.  The three of us would start racing down the garden  towards the car.  Tati and I would jump into the back without hesitation but George – he wasn’t into jumping – for some reason.  At the other end of the journey, we couldn’t wait to get out – wondering what new adventure awaited us.

But yesterday morning, we all ran to the gate for the last time.IMG_3446But Tati did not jump into the car with us. He sat and watched us from being the gate..IMG_3448 And wondered why we were going … 🙁IMG_3450Soon we were at the train station in Avignon waiting for our train to Lille.IMG_3454_2 After a four hour train ride we were back to Lille Europe train station.  IMG_3467 A quick bathroom break, we waited for an hour before our train to Calais. We got down to the platform to await the arrival of our train.IMG_3492It was a quick 30 minutes to Calais. Tamara was waiting for us – and drove us to the Pet Reception Centre to have our Pet Passport checked.  IMG_3501

Our microchips were scanned.

IMG_3499 We were given this ticket to confirm that we’ve been checked and how many of us are going into the vehicle.IMG_3504I thought it was just George and I going in Tamara’s car but looked like we have 6 cats, 6 ferrets and 6 horses! LOL!!!

After that we went to the pet park for some reliefIMG_3502and a little run before crossing the tunnel.IMG_3503And we’re off!11173712_10206387289585660_640864545_nWe drove onto the Eurotunnel shuttle and within 35 minutes we were back in the UK.IMG_3517The sun was setting as we drove homeIMG_3523 And by the time we got to Chelsea Bridge – the lights were on. IMG_3528But we were knackered.11124822_10206387289625661_989506750_n When we got home, Mummy got the most beautiful bunch of flowers from Praewa, Arsh and the doggies!!!!IMG_3530Praewa also brought us some defrosted Honeys duck so we had something to eat before going to bed. We’re knackered.  Been a long day.
IMG_3531Bonne nuit, Tati. We miss you. xxx

May’s comments: It’s always sad to say “goodbye” but happy to be home.

Tamara’s “Calais crossing” services made the trip so much easier when we can go from home straight to Calais.


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  1. Jocelyn

    Welcome home, see you soon X

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