Baby, it’s cold outside

Even the polar bears are not happy.  It feels like sub-zero alright!

It was an errand day – one of those days when we’re walking the streets of London – in the cold. Not quite Arctic temperatures but we’re city dogs. Especially Georgie, he gets the shivers when it gets cold and damp. Thankfully it wasn’t raining.

We walked from home to Chelsea Green, a sweet little square off King’s Road …IMG_0312With quaint little shops like The Pie ManIMG_0313But it was the Alec Drew shop that Mummy was looking to go toIMG_0328They’re custom framers and has been at this square for a very long time.IMG_0287There was a horse’s head with a ring – could it have been for tying horses outside?  Surely you’re NOT thinking of leaving us outside, are you?!?!?!
IMG_0284Ha! Ha! Mummy thought it’s funny to tie us to this ring.  But Mummy also wondered if it is because they don’t allow dogs inside the shop.IMG_0285Thankfully, we were allowed in.  Mummy had always wanted to visit the store and she finally did. She bought some old frames with antique mirrors to add to her collection.

That was our first stop. We had a few more places on the list to go to. But on the way we happened into the Ralph Lauren (whilst wearing our Polo shirts) for some January sales –
IMG_0301 Before we proceeded with our original plan to do some “work” errands.

So we headed towards Farrow& Ball for wallpaper and paints.IMG_0306What a choice of colours though of course Georgie and I can’t see the difference in most of them.

We’ve been walking for a couple of hours by then, so Mummy thought we could sit for a while in the park at St. Luke’s church – but it’s one of those parks where we’re not allowed off lead.IMG_0307 But I did spot a squirrel but no chance of running after it. IMG_0311After our pause, along we plodded – all the way to Knightsbridge. We went in to have a snoop at Skandium on Brompton RoadIMG_0383Oh look, some dog-themed mugs
IMG_0387Mummy’s always a little nervous when George becomes intrigued by things at ground level.  This is what he does on the streets when he smells something and then marks it. So Mummy’s keen eye made sure he won’t mark this territory.IMG_0385And then to Sub-Zero Wolfe to check out some appliances. IMG_0382Terribly boring in there for us though it was good to stay inside for awhile form the cold.

As we walked past The Conran Shop, Mummy could never resist going in to browse. There we took this odd picture of me standing on a mirror – so I can see my belly. Hmmm. Yes, agree the t-shirt is a little too short to cover my belly.  A girl should be more modest.IMG_0440We stopped in at Andrew Martin’s – there are always interesting pieces of furniture …IMG_0427How’s this for a coffee-table?  And they even sell “horses”IMG_0433So happy as we approached Cafe Zefi – a place to sit and rest our weary paws.IMG_0416 Obviously dog-friendly like their restaurant across the road.IMG_0407 We were all happy to be able to sit and chillIMG_0398As Mummy ordered her very bright red cake!IMG_0392 I was so tired, I just wanted to put my head on Mummy’s lap.IMG_0401 Soon George joined me and we both had a snooze while Mummy replenished herself.IMG_0406 And we had some water too.IMG_0417When we left Cafe Zefi, we thought we were on our way home as it was already past our supper time.  Well, it wasn’t the end of the day’s errands. We had to go with Mummy to the hairdresser’s!!!!IMG_0453 Up the stairs we wentIMG_0443While George took his timeIMG_0444He sat on Mummy’s lap the whole time –IMG_0450A very tired little dog.

Finally, at about 7pm, way past our supper time, we left to go home.IMG_0452It was a long day.  We started off at 10:30am that morning!

May’s comments: I run errands with my dogs as much as I can because I have separation anxiety! 🙂  Darcy and George are totally capable of staying home – I just prefer to have them with me and also why should they be stuck in the home when they can be with me?  When I have them with me, I don’t have to also worry about them needing to go out, etc, etc. And over time because I have always asked if I may bring my dogs into stores and places to eat, I have managed to take them to almost all the places I frequent – except for a few inconvenient ones.  So now, without thinking too much about it – they just come with me.

We’re lucky to live in such a dog-friendly area that I could go through a whole day without thinking where I couldn’t go somewhere with them. And even now I keep finding new places I can go to with them. One thing for sure, I won’t ever starve looking for places to eat with them when pounding the pavement.


  1. Sharon

    You are so lucky May, you couldn’t so it in Australia. I love seeing pics of your travels. Suck a wonderful place you live in. Can’t wait to go back one day.

  2. Jocelyn

    So lovely that you can walk to all thes interesting shops without having to transport or the car

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