British Icons

When we were out in the evenings walking the streets looking at Lumiere London, we came across some other interesting items on display.  

As we walked inside the Piccadilly Arcade IMG_0720we came across some photographic prints of David Bowie –IMG_0725at Snap Galleries.IMG_0727I suppose they are highly sought after items since his passing.  If we had known we need not have gone all the way to Brixton to take a photo at the mural! LOL!

And further along in Christie’s window was a print of another British icon – Maggie!IMG_0674So amidst all the festivities that makes London such a vibrant city, quietly looking on at the multitudes of crowds streaming past them – are two icons who have in their own way shaped Great Britain – and how the world sees us.  Hip! Hip! Hooray! And long may their memories live on!

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