Thursday Restaurant Review – Bacchus Lounge in Chelsea

Just down the road, not far from where we live is Bacchus Lounge

img_6094Yet another dog friendly Italianimg_6095 We went with Crumpet’s mummy, Alex but Crumpy couldn’t join us.  I was hoping for a Friday night date.img_6093 When we arrived at our reserved table, we saw this on the table! img_6066It delighted Mummy to no end!

I was very happy to see Crumpet’s mummy – I gave her lots of kisses and wanted to sit with her – with an ulterior motiveimg_6074To get closer to the food!
img_6082It got rather noisy as the evening wore on but it didn’t bother me nor George. We’re used tot he noise. And we even met another customer who has a Sproodle.  He wasn’t there either. Maybe it’s just crazy Mummy who brings us to restaurants all the time! LOL!

May’s comment:  Named after Bacchus, the Roman god of agriculture and wine, a really fun and lively place on Fulham Road – serving authentic Italian – the evenings are noisy and crowded but it all adds to the atmosphere. It is in fact mostly an evening venue, very quiet and mostly not open for lunch.  Great place to go after the cinema – but of course I had to go home to get the dogs. They were not allowed to the cinema. 🙁img_6084Preparing pasta carbonara!

Located at: 154 Fulham Rd, London SW10 9PR

Bacchus Lounge has been added to our Wine and Dine listing.

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