In need of a haircut

Things have changed a bit since I was last here.The leaves have changed colour. We saw this wall of autumnal leaves on our way to the groomers at Love My Human.

This is what I was looking like before the grooming …Mum thinks I look rather cute but she wasn’t sure if I could see!

So off to the groomers and guess who was there?!?!?!  My buddy, Barnaby.And Maisy and Mac had come along to bring George back – yes, he was delighted to see me and Mummy.It was a bit of a reunion of the Sleeping Ruff gang – minus Freddie!

And the end result … Back to looking like a Chelsea girl again!

As always, we get treatsIt was a rainy day and Mummy just could not bear the thought of us having just been washed, fluffed to get all wet and mucky. So she brought the stroller to take us home …Including the rain cover!Oh well, Mum really wanted to put the stroller to use sometime! LOL!

May’s comment: We’re getting back into the groove of things … with lots of things happening in the next few weeks as Christmas looms!



  1. Jill Keiser

    Darcy and George must have warm and dry when you got them home! What a great way to travel on a rainy day!

  2. Rusty

    She looks pretty ?

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