Crossing the border

It will be another day of travel – best to get in an early morning walk before we spend the rest of the day in taxi, train, car on our journey home.

We walked back to the Jardin des TuilleriesTo the Louvre for a morning run around

Ahhh, Paris … we’ve had many memories here  and now Marley and I share some of it.We paused for  a moment to reflect on what a lovely time I’ve had the last three weeks with MarleyAnd then it was time to head back to the hotelAfter a quick breakfast at the hotel – yes, we were allowed there, we began our journey home.

We arrived at Gare du Nord for our train to Calais Frethun.  Lots of proper cuddles  About an hour and a half later, we arrived in Calais Frethun amidst much security – what’s going on?Surely it wasn’t for us! Even though a few weeks ago we had a “prank call” – they guy said he was going to kidnap us. It scared the daylights out of Mum but we think it was just a prank call from some strange person in New Jersey – that’s what the number indicated.

Anyway, we weren’t quite sure but saw a delegation of people being received by a motorcade of police and security. Hmmm. Very curious. But alas, we have to get on.  Back into Yaena’s car to drive across the Tunnel, but first, we needed to go to the Pet Reception.Hi! I’m legal – can I cross the border?
Ahhh, look! That’s my friend MarcelHow considerate of him to be there to welcome me back to the country! LOL!

Mum and Yaena were starving by then. The quick breakfast at the hotel wasn’t enough. After the hoomans had their passport checked and they were legal LOL! –  we headed off to the FlexiPlus lounge before boarding.It had snacks and drinks.  Dogs are allowed in the lobby area.Very useful.  And they loved us.  The chef even took time to come out to say hello and he fed me a whole Madeleine! That was very kind of him as Mum looked on a little surprised.  I had lost weight during the three active weeks – and she wasn’t going to let me put it all back on so soon! LOL!

We didn’t have much time. It was time to get going –  time to go through the tunnel!

After about 35 minutes, we’re back to GB!!!

Marley travels in his raised car sear – wonder if George would like this.

The car journey wasn’t too long from Folkestone.  Before long I could smell that we’re back in London!

I think we’re almost home – all this looks and smells familiar.

May’s comment: Loved our less than 24 hours in Paris. It was an easy journey home and of course always so much easier when travelling with another.

But have been thinking a lot about post Brexit. LonDog sent us this link

Not as bad as I thought it would be – just need to be more prepared for the first crossing.


  1. Jill Keiser

    Glad to know you’re safely home! George and Darcy should have an excellent reunion! Hope Marley won’t be too lonesome without Darcy!

  2. Lucca

    Welcome home Darcy ar youable to bark in French?????

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