Grüsse Luna!

Hallo Luna! Ich bin George, or Georg.

We’ve never met but I know Darcy speaks fondly of you. She told me that the last time you met, you had endless kissing sessions.

But it seems like you’re older now and not as playful as you were five years ago.  img_6756And maybe you don’t like me very much img_6757because I was here before you came home.

Mummy and I arrived in Düsseldorf with Manuelaimg_6730while you were still at boarding.

I was very excited to meet you.  Mummy and Darcy both told me all about you. But you were not there.img_6749Your mummy and daddy left to pick you up from the dog sitterimg_6738And I asked if I could go but they thought it was better for me to stay with Mummy.

I’m sorry if I snooped around your house before you came home.img_6740I was most intrigued by the sound of horses in the adjoining field
img_6748I almost could have squeezed in under that gap … but Mummy yanked me away as quickly as she could.

Maybe you didn’t like the fact that Mummy served me my dinner in your bowlimg_6731And I ate from it. img_6733And you were particularly not pleased when your mummy picked me up.  You were a hit jealous.

Maybe we will have to find another time when we can start on the right footing because there isn’t time to  get to know each other. I leave very early tomorrow morning for London.

May’s comment: This was Darcy and Luna when they met in December 2011.

Luna, a Parson Russell Terrier belongs to Ulli and Manuela.  She’s about 10 years old.

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