Bank Holiday Lunch with Rusty and Family

A wash-out Bank Holiday in London – so instead of a run in Regent’s Park, we had lunch at Rusty’s.

We arrived to food spread out on the table … oh, having a look to see what’s on order.IMG_6859 Here’s Rusty having a peek … IMG_6866 No luck with Daddy – let’s try Mummy.IMG_6869 Now it’s my turn …IMG_6875Seriously, guys, I not only smell but I can see prosciutto, parma ham and salami on the platter!

IMG_6876Rusty, let’s do it together and see if it works.IMG_6874 Oh well, I guess not! We got relegated to the back garden instead.IMG_6881Lunch over, it’s time to play

IMG_6909 IMG_6912 IMG_6913 IMG_6914Rusty’s Daddy had to hold us both to calm us down.IMG_6918

Then one last hug and we’re off – end of bank holiday.

IMG_6923May’s comment: Thank you Jim and Martine for a lovely afternoon, and nice to see you, Binti.


  1. You are both so welcome. We had a lovely afternoon! I love these photos they are great!

    Rusty is missing Darcy already!

    M xx

  2. Jocelyn

    Lovely pictures, sorry we missed you X

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