In the works!

At Dog’s Trust Shoreham Open Day, someone spotted Sara Abbott painting my portrait!  We were going to go but after the Hyde Park Meet, we were both knackered! So we didn’t make it to Brighton.

May’s comment:  We met Sara almost two years ago when she was painting at Harrod’s Pet Kingdom.  I thought her depiction of the dogs were so life-like and with such depth that of course over time I convinced myself, I needed one done of Darcy. So after waiting for a few months, we finally got to the front of the queue – that’s how busy Sara is. Sara Abbott – Artist

Through her paintings, Sara also helps a different charity every six months. Every time a portrait is commissioned, £50 is donated towards the charity she is supporting. Helping Paws Flyer Side1lr Helping Paws Flyer Side2lr

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  1. beautiful like Darcy!

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