Getting to know Battersea

We’re usually Kensington Park dogs but urged by our friends, we gave Battersea Park another try …

George, are we ready to cross the bridge …We met up with some friends …There are also interesting places to visit …At the Peace Pagoda, we got blessed by a monk!Since then we have been back a few times.

Jaffa goes there quite regularly so she showed us some naughty things to do!
She finds the muddiest of ponds and comes out two-toned!

But she also knew where to go to rinse off. A little better, Jaffa. And then we found this sprint track. So we gave it a try to see who wins …

Jaffa! You need to run in a straight line instead of pushing George off his tracks. But that’s ok – because I won!!!! LOL!

But I think this is what convinced Mummy that Battersea might be a good destination …Pear Tree Cafe is very dog-friendly!When there’s food at the end of a walk – makes it all ok for Mummy! LOL!

May’s comment: We live equidistant between Kensington Gardens and Battersea Park. We frequent Kensington Gardens mainly because there’s less undergrowth and therefore, it’s less likely to lose Darcy and George. In the past, I’ve always lost Darcy whenever we were there – she goes running and being unfamiliar with the park, we have both lost each other. As for George, only recently he has been good with recall. I didn’t;t have the courage to go there with George.

Also recent reports of a man poisoning dogs at Battersea made me wary – especially as Darcy is such a scavenger. But we’ve started venturing there again – encouraged by our friends.

Further incentivised by Pear Tree Cafe.  They serve up a good breakfast – so perfect for walking in the morning. Dogs are allowed inside when ordering but if sitting inside even along the covered verandah, they must be on a leash – to avoid tripping people. But there’s a whole outside area by the lake where hoomans and dogs mingle.

And we can leave the park at the Chelsea Bridge exit we can wander over to Battersea Power Station and there are at least four, if not more dog-friendly restaurants to replenish ourselves!

The ones we know that are dog-friendly are:

29 Power Station – serving up everything from brunch to dinner, this independent neighbourhood bar and restaurant with a contemporary interior. Located alongside other equally dog-friendly restaurants in Circus West Village. 29 Circus West Village

Fiume – D&D London’s newest Italian Restaurant with Francesco Mazzei, sits on the Riverbank of the Thames in Circus West Village within Battersea Power. There’s outdoor seating but dogs are also allowed inside. Circus West Village, Battersea Power Station, London SW8 5BN

Mother Restaurant “An utterly Italian restaurant without all the nonsense. Mother’s menu aims to bring out really good simple soul food, the kind we never tire of.” Most welcoming, dogs are allowed inside and for the comfort of everyone, they reserve the table in the front for dogs – and we were five dogs! Circus West Village, 2 Arches Lane, London SW11 8AB

Wright Brothers Battersea – Located beside the iconic Battersea Power Station, in the burgeoning neighbourhood of Battersea, it is both dog and child friendly!

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  1. Margaret Danks

    I’m always amazed how you get them all to pose so well. Beautiful pups. ?❤️

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