When is hot too hot?

With the third amber alert this year issued for yet another heat wave, we have been trying to work out how to navigate this unusual weather condition.

We have our morning walks and on days when we are with our dog walker, we are out and back by 11am – and resting for the rest of the day. 

Even at home, I have been drinking a lot more water these days. Mummy even added ice-cubes to my water. Note: she finally got me a long-ear dog bowl! But its my beard that causes the drip – so she out the bowl on a towel – that way I can dry my beard on it.

And we bought a fan – one that I might be able to practice agility  …
Do you think I can jump through it?So when is hot too hot? When we choose to sleep on the floor and not on the bed with Mummy! That’s how hot we feel.

May’s comment: We’re out in the mornings before it gets hot. A quick walk around the block in the afternoon and not out again till the evening. They’re excited about going out but once outside, they’re not enjoying it – panting all the way. The city pavements make it worse.

They’re drinking a lot more than usual and they prefer sleeping on the wooden floor. We’ve tried cooling mats but they never took to it.

As for me – I feel myself melting away. I suppose it is good detoxing.  But I finally gave in a bought a fan. I had held back thinking that this hot weather would soon past. After all, we’re in England. But alas not. Called Peter Jones yesterday and there were no more fans! Had to run to the Dyson store to pick one up.

It is obviously recommended that you restrict exercise to early morning and late evening, but even then it may be too hot for some dogs, especially puppies under 6 months, obese, elderly and brachycephalic dogs. Someone shared this chart with us.  It would be better not to walk your dog at all, than to walk them during unsafe to life threatening temperatures.


  1. Cheryl Houlton

    Hi May, Susie is Georges size i brought her a small cool coat from amazon, still cautious about time of day i walk her but she appears more comfortable with coat on.
    Cheryl and Susie

  2. Cheryl

    This heat is terrible everywhere! I feels so bad for our furbabies! I always check the pavement before I walk our grand doodle. I’ve even thought about buying him boots for the pavement, but thought they would be too warm for his feet. We know spray the pool area down with cold water to keep it cool on his paws! Let’s hope it cools off soon!

  3. Liz Valentine

    We walk at eight am or earlier,then after six. Benji boo is managing well,despite being a black Poo.He lay in the heat at 5.30 pm,it was 45°!
    But wouldn’t budge!!!Like us hoomans,they react differently.
    Love my boy

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