Let’s do a Fenton!

I spy with my little eye
IMG_6977A deer!!!

Ooooh! That looks like an interesting challenge.IMG_6980 Georgie, there was a famous video where Fenton, a dog ran after the herd of deer in Richmond park. I bet between us, we can chase this one!!!!  Follow me and let’s do a re-run of Fenton!!!

I don’t understand why it wouldn’t run away.

May’s comment: Oh lordy!!! Can this be true? But Darcy isn’t as brave as she thinks she is.  She ran towards it in a circle, with George tagging along. I did call her … and then Sandra said – put on the video! With throat in mouth, that’s why you don’t hear me speaking, I filmed it – and was relieved when she decided to turn back. I don’t think George knows what was going on!!!

Have to say it was pretty funny.

But what wasn’t funny was this tourist approaching the deer!!!!!! Darcy is smarter than she is.IMG_6982

For those who have never seen the “Jesus Christ! Fenton” video, this is the link! https://youtu.be/3GRSbr0EYYU

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