Shall we move to the beach?

I think we’ve found a house that we like – and it’s right by Holkham Beach which we love.

There are vast areas of green fieldsIMG_6957_2She would never have to walk us on the lead.IMG_6960Except for maybe Georgie.

We won’t have to worry about these signage IMG_6966_2 We can have lots of cockapoo meets here!IMG_6965_2 And enough rooms for everyone to stay over.IMG_6943_2 Mummy said – the only problem is there are lots of deer – and they poo ALL over the place – no one picks up after them like our humans do!  She said she’s not so keen about us running around all that poo. So she said – forget it!!! Oh boo!

May’s comment: No comment. Plus Holkham Hall is not for sale, Miss Darcy! IMG_6947_2


  1. Daniel Morgan Hall

    So you like my place! Named after a family relative. Maybe I let you rent in out for a while with the dogs. And you can hunt deer with the dogs and have nice freshly cooked venison dinners!

    Daniel Hall

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