On Reflection

We had a lovely time visiting with Bob, Pernilla and Zebedee in the country.  We played in the lovely garden P1010510and took walks in the woods at the back of their house.  P1010530Zebedee watching us as we walked on.P1010560There was a lot of exploring to do – so many new smells and different objects to look at.

We took drives to Brighton, stopped at Shoreham Airport …

P1010470for lunch at the Hummingbird Cafe. We weren’t allowed in the main part of the cafe but there was a side room where we could sit.P1010472There were a few other doggies there.P1010474

We drove through the countryside and the ever pretty English countryside.  I was dying to go for a run but wasn’t allowed to.P1010478

All in all we had a really good time – thinking how lovely it is to live in the country side.P1010513

And then Mummy got a nettle sting and she’s wondering if she’s made for the countryside. 🙂

We did find out that it’s not all idyllic out here – there are hunting dogs that could attack me as it did Zebedee.  And of course there are lots of bugs, ticks, fleas and things we don’t normally encounter in the city. On the other hand, Mummy did not have to get up, get dressed before I could go for my morning routine. She just let me out to the garden.  There are pros and cons to everything.

And we loved staying in a old, old room that dates back to pre-1510. That’s old!


May’s comment: Had two lovely days away from the city.  Sunshine in the countryside – what more could we ask for. Thank you Robert, Pernilla and Zebedee. xoxphoto-7P.s. And yes, we would love to come again!

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  1. John

    The scarved spaniel is Cody, the West Highland Cross is Humphrey, the surreptitious one is Gimli and the hirsute bloke is me

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