A Shack on the Beach

Before we left for London, we drove to Ferring for lunch at The Bluebird – a dog friendly “shack” on the beach.

Before we sat down to eat we took a walk on the pebbly beach.P1010564

Zebedee gets quite nervous whenever he sees other dogs because he had been attacked by some pretty big dogs. So he would bark defensively and I would bark alongside him

P1010568 We were checking things out together – lots of interesting smellsP1010569 And we walked on as a team.P1010570Just so it’s easier for Mummy to walk, we went on the grassy bits.P1010587 Hey Zeb, check this out…P1010576 Naw, let’s keep going …P1010575 P1010580There were lots of dogs along the way but this little Yorkie was the friendliest. She came sniffing. Zeb wasn’t sure. But I taught it might be nice to make a friend and to show Zeb it’s ok. P1010590We then walked back to Bluebird Cafe – P1010598Mummy and Pernilla opted for fish ‘n’ chips as one does when by the coast.P1010597Mummy said it was yummy – and we had none of it. Well we did, in the end. 🙂 We both had some hand me down chips.

It was a lovely day – the sun was out and pleasantly warm. We sat outside for awhile. When Zeb got nervous when big dogs walked past, Mummy held him and died to soothe his fears. Poor Zeb. He’s just a little guy and there are lots of big dogs in this world.P1010609




  1. Fiona Weller

    Glad you’re having a lovely time 😀

  2. Julia atkinson

    I first saw your Miss Darcy on face book and of course put a like to it.
    After seeing Darcy I have at last found the kind of dog I have been looking for ..
    Since I was small we have always had dogs a king Charlie she passed away when she was twelfth, then we had a German shepherd but she was run over and I have waited fifteen years to even consider getting another dog.
    My boyfriend and I have a cat called Morgana she is twenty one but we have been told by the vet she will not live to 22 she is blind and has very bad arthritis but she is still funny and very bossy 🙂 .
    But after seeing your little girl I just knew this was the breed for me, I love your Blog it is very funny and sweet ..
    Anyway just thought I would say Hi and looking forward to more adventures.
    Kindest Regards Julia

    • Miss Darcy

      Thank you Julia for reading and good luck with your very own cockapoo! They are the best! xox

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