Beautiful Joe’s

We were hanging out at Honey’s Real Dog Food’s stand at Crufts – conveniently for me to pick up on bits fallen out of packages for my consumption.  Jonathan told us about their new product of 100% natural liver treats – interestingly called Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Dog Treats.

IMG_2889The story of Beautiful Joe began in 1881.

He was a medium size brown dog born on a farm in Meaford, Ontario.  But the farmer was a horrible man.  He often would beat the dog. Then one day in a rage, he cut off the dog’s ears and tail.  Thankfully, the neighbour, Walter Moore who witnessed the scene of brutality rescued the dog and nursed him back to health. And he named him Beautiful Joe.

Margaret Saunders, a relative of Walter, heard the story and turned it into a book – Beautiful Joe. Since 1983, it has sold over a million copies.  Margaret dedicated the rest of her  life to animal rights.

And thus the name Beautiful Joe’s was used for this new concept of  championing the rights of animals.

You see, every time you buy a packet of Beautiful Joe’s a similar package will go to a dog rescue home.  Rescue homes usually can’t afford to buy treats – so this is a way to help them.  This way the legacy of Beautiful Joe lives on even today.IMG_2891

May’s comment: What a lovely gesture. I learnt that there are different ways to help:

– You can simply buy any amount of treats and they will donate the same amount you bought to a rescue home or a charity of your choice.

– Or you can choose to buy the treats at wholesale and sell them at a retail price and donate the profit to a charity of your choice. And at the same time, they will also donate the same amount you’ve bought to a home.

They also have designed a beautiful  little airtight tins to hold the treats – they are free when you order 250g of treats, or they cost £2 each.IMG_2972

To find out more, call 01672 620 360 or email Website is

What a lovely way to give.


  1. Wendy Mulela

    Thank you for the little bag of treats Miss Darcy’s mummy, May. Coco says she absolutely loves them and has learned ‘speak’ and clicker trained using the treats… But they are nearly all gone and she really would like some more, so will be googling to find out how to order. xx

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Wendy, I am so glad Coco liked them and that it has helped her learn a few new things. You can find out more from – it’s lovely because it’s a You Buy One They Give One program that will go towards Rescue Homes. xx

  2. frances

    I have found your website but cannot see where to buy the treats?

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